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Norridge Is the best community that I lived in. I moved 9 times from apartments in Chicago to New Jersey then lastly I did research about this neiborhood and about the schools, and I found it the best place to live in.
Overall pretty safe community. 4 stars because cops do write a lot of tickets and some of the community members are pricks. The high school is very good and has a safe environment.
Great place to live an raise a family. Close to the city without out all of the chaos that comes with it and still small enough where a community can come together and build great relationships/friendships.
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Norridge is a great place to live if you like to be near a big city. Just thirty minutes to an hour away from downtown Chicago. Norridge is surrounded by numerous places to eat, however, there aren’t much in the town itself. Safety is okay in Norridge. Houses in Norridge are very expensive.
I like that Norridge is not too large in size and that there are many places for people for people to hang out at. Also there there are many nearby shopping centers and businesses. I wish there were more sushi places though.
Village raises the water by lowering 10k gallons to 6k saying they did not raise wather, Police seems to so good job for ticketing, waiting for street cleaning or on snows days and they are really good in that, besides its not any more like it used to be 10 years ago ....
I like the sense of community in Norridge. Everyone knows each other, which could either be a good or bad thing. However, there is much support among community members and the current events surrounding our small town. We are united as one as our own island in the city.
Norridge is a community that allows everyone in the neighborhood to be like family. A suburban area where safety is an important asset in the neighborhood. Being the current resident really taught me how to be friendly with everybody and how togetherness makes the area worth living.
I loved growing up here. Whenever I'm coming back home for the summer or for Christmas, I cannot help but feel warm nostalgia coming back home. No complaints at all.
Norridge is a beautiful suburb, with great schools and friendly neighbors. I remember when I was in high school and we had a little saying about Norridge. "It's Norridge, nothing really happens here." But we meant that in the best way. Norridge is safe, so nothing really happens in the way of violence. Which is incredibly important for families.
Norridge is a close knit community and wonderful town to raise a family in. It has beautiful parks, modern schools and many thriving businesses.
didnt really look into it
Their are many options so you are never dissapointed.
They can always improve, so far seem to be doing a well job
Our winters can be cold and snowy. A few snow storms over the years. Summers are fine. Winter clothing and summer clothing needed. Heavy coats, scarves, hats and boots. Bathing suits, shorts, tops and summer shoes
We have patrol police and security 24 hours a day at the park , mall and on the streets.
We have Greek, German, Italian, mexican, polish middle eastern, asian food store and restaurants. Bowling and pool and many bars and grills. Family restaurants and pancakes houses. We have hotdog stands and many ice cream polars.
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We have clean well kept homes and buildings, lots of trees and greenery. Everyone in our area works very hard to take care of their properties and homes.
We have all types of religions and nationalities! Close nit area and help is easily found thru our church or village, and thru our neighbors and schools.
We have Libraries, many stores and outlets, and small business in our area! We have a hospital and many healthcare facilities. Plenty of offices, and schools. Most of our residents are professional! We have police and fire dept. We have a large amount of various titles.
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