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I've lived in Normandy Park for most of my life and I've met the most amazing people within my community. The location is amazing, as a suburb of Seattle it is close enough to the big city without the overwhelming congestion that comes with city living. It is a beautiful area, close to the Puget Sound with access to beaches, hiking trails and public parks. The only downside to Normandy Park is that it is pretty small however it is a very safe and welcoming community with plenty of opportunity.
A great, quiet neighborhood. Close ties to neighbors and plenty of trails for exercising, jogging, bicycling, dog-walking, and other outdoor activities.
quiet, cute little, suburb of Seattle, close to airport and Seattle. Great family oriented area. Taxes are too high, city officials keep trying to increase Levy to pay for who knows what........Marvista was rated a 9 but with current Principal it has dropped to 7.
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This city is a nice suburb that winds around several other cities. The neighborhood areas are fairly quite and there is plenty of nature around with the fair amount of Evergreens, the school system in the area is severely lacking. Recently there has been a rise in crimes around the area. Property taxes continue to skyrocket each year, despite the value of many of the homes, which is considerably less than what the taxes say.
We moved from Seattle to Normandy Park a little over 2 years ago. We absolutely love it here and wish we moved sooner. We find that people are so friendly when we walk our three dogs. We feel safe walking at night around the neighborhood. The pocket of trails and parks are so nice for children and dogs and it sure makes the surrounding area look so nice. The trees are beautiful and everyone seems to take pride in their homes and in the community as a whole!
Normandy Park is a wonderful place to live. We have an amazing, kind, and caring community that strives to connect and support each other. Every day, I see people that I know and recognize that are extremely friendly and willing to help. The community is very focused on supporting the youth and giving them a great chance to succeed in their lives.
There is not much crime in the area.
This area is great and I would choose to live here.
There has been an increase of crime within the last five years or so, including a bomb threat at my high school. The crime has been directed to my personal community, but nothing has physically attacked me or made me feel in danger other than that.
There's a lot of fun things to do in this area, although you do need a car or a way of transportation other than walking. IN one direction there's the Puget sound, and the other there's mountains where you can go hiking or participate in show sports. There is also a wide variety of art forms, so there's always something new to see and do.
I live in an area of older homes in an established neighborhood. Very nicely maintained. NO vacant or abandoned properties
I really like my neighborhood.
I feel very safe in my neighborhood
We get a lot of rain, but I don't live in a flood zone
I'm still in High School so I don't go to clubs or bars.
It's a good job market in this area. Most people work in Seattle
Lots of different small businesses, and also large businesses.
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Generally the Pacific Northwest has access to the outdoors but during the cold winter months most of the good stuff is traffic and a half hour away at least. It is a little uninspiring. Des Moines has a great marina but it can be packed and busy; it is very developed. I like to be surrounded by acres and acres of forest and that is far away toward the mountains. I wish there were better parks here and more extensive expanses of just green. The development is overtaking the original forested areas at an unpleasant rate. The few parks in the Normandy Park area are very small. There are only two more sizable parks, Marine View Park and the Walker Reserve. It is the suburbs and it feels like it. "A bird born in a cage thinks flying is a disease." Most of the people in the greater Seattle area were raised in the burbs and do not know the difference of what it feels like to live alongside better preserved nature and forests.
Normandy Park is fantastic. It is the neighboring Burien that has one of the highest crime rates in Washington State I heard today. It is overall a seedy-feeling place. Burien is in need of some serious gentrification. I wish more area would require building codes like Bend, OR, where the building types are required to be a certain range of natural, neutral colors for a uniform, fresh look, to preserve the feel of the nature that everyone moved there for.
Flooding and landslides are always a risk with all the rain in this area but over the years they seem to have nailed it on the head about where the water tends to sit and placing systems to avoid major issues. Other natural disasters are not very frequent. We have four full seasons here and the weather is more or less great besides the issue of lots of cloud cover and lower Vit D. The month of February has been very sunny.
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