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Norman is a really diverse place. everyone is really friendly and am so glad that am doing my school here. If you ever think of a place to go to school or settle, then Norman is a place for you. The campus is really big and the security is also good. I like the fact that it is really clean and it always feel like you are at your home. Additionally, the transport system is really good. am so glad that i live in Norman.
Norman is a small town that looks like a big city. Being 20 miles away from Oklahoma City allows us the convenience of being close to a large city if we need something but almost anything you will need can be found within the city limits of Norman. Small-town feels but with big city offerings. We have great schools, nice stores, lots of food options and just great neighborhoods!
I grew up and still live in Norman. It is, at its heart a college town. This leaks into the public school system, which improves a lot. Overall, I would say this is a great town with mostly great people!
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Norman is a college town with lots of local history, but not a lot of diversity or things to do. Public schooling is average but safety is high.
A wonderful college town bursting with diversity and excitement. Also has great educational programs because of the University of Oklahoma.
Wonderful college town I have had the pleasure of being a part of during my undergraduate years. The town is mostly college students and young adults.
Norman has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment and family fun. There is usually some festival or event to take the family to. Oklahoma University is also there.
I like that Norman has a lot of options for food! For a medium size town we also have a lot of things to do - we are known as the "City of Festivals". I came up to Norman for college; I stayed and bought a house after I graduated.
Love norman! My home growing up and I always knew i would make it back after moving away. Great place for families and jobs.
It's a college town that is very conservative, but good variety of eatin places and close to the city.
My experience with the city of Norman is outstanding. It has a variety of activities to do and places to go. The atmosphere is comforting and safe, and it is very convenient to have Oklahoma City less than an hour away.
Norman , Oklahoma is great city , with great people and when Oklahoma sooners have a game makes Norman come alive.
I love it! We have a great dog park, lots of good food and entertainment, and Norman finds a way to make it feel like a small-town community with access to big city amenities.
Norman is average. It is a college town. It gets very noisy and loud on the weekends but that is because of the football game.
college town, diverse crowd. There are a lot of fun things to do here. Its pretty safe and fun to be here.
Norman is a very interesting town due to the fact that it is a college town, housing the University of Oklahoma. There are many different types of places to eat, from normal American Hamburgers, to Greek Gyros and Indian cuisine. There are also many different shops and stores. One of my favorites is a new age store called "Sandle-wood and Sage." It is a shop that sells "new-age" things, such as gems, statues, and incense. The mall in Norman is also very nice. It is clean, and all of the stores offer great deals and items. All in all, Norman is a very nice place to visit, or live.
We refer to Norman as “the land that is lost in time”.
Children can still play outside w/o
worry. Neighbors actually know your name and chances are, if you (or one of your own) breaks an ankle, there will be 3 casseroles & pies in your kitchen by sunset.
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I love the people in Norman. I am an OU college student and enjoy this as my college town. I love how spirited everyone is on gameday weekends. I have made so many close friends in Norman.
I like Norman! I just moved here from Edmond, OK. I wish that it was more busy here. I have heard that when school starts it will become more busy.
I love Norman. The city makes a point to encourage art and nature being maintained in the city. There is 400 acres of walking trails and a lake that the city chose to save. Main Street is filled with local restaurants and shops and does an art walk once a month. There is also a music festival the is free in April. Aside from the college traffic, I can't really find a complaint about Norman.
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