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I was born and raised there. Twenty-two years there and it's been a pretty good experience. The schools I went to were great and I've enjoyed living there.
Norfolk is a great place to start a family in. It is very safe and the public schools are fantastic. The people are very friendly and welcoming. Norfolk is perfect for everyone.
Norfolk is an easy-going, friendly town and people are willing to help out one another. Although it is a smaller town, the people that live there all are very supportive of their school systems, private businesses, and local stores. Norfolk is still a growing community that is somewhat slacking some housing but is starting to expand to prevent that issue. There are many different school systems and religious options offered in Norfolk. The restaurants in Norfolk have good service most of the time and even have restaurants that are family owned and well supported by its community.
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I am employed in Norfolk, NE. It is a growing town with a population count of about 25,000. The town is heavily populated with hispanics, which has it's perks and unique challenges. The perks are there are wonderful restaurants that showcase their fantastic food and culture. The challenge is the language barrier of Spanish and English. It, overall, seems to be a safe town to live in and the chamber seems to work hard to continue to develop businesses.
Norfolk is a little/big town. There are only so many things offered here, but it is considered a hub for the area. Living in Norfolk provides a wide array of opportunities, but get used to the idea of people knowing you.
I grew up in Norfolk and really like the smaller town feel. If you are looking for a smaller town with a good school system and a quiet feel then it's a great town to live in. It does have a community college with opportunities for anyone to advance themselves and lots of options for elementary through high school.
I grow up in Norfolk and it's a very safe and a thriving town. In my opinion I don't think Norfolk is boring. Norfolk has a ton of local coffee joints, shops and restaurants. We have a beautiful park, perfect for renting a kayak or going jogging and there is free weekly yoga classes. In the summer time Norfolk has Music In The Park on Thursdays and every summer they host Christian Cross Festival and Big Bang Boom. Now that I talked about what I like about Norfolk I want to talk about some of the things they could work on. Norfolk could use more diversity and it needs to better represent its minority population.
I like that there is not many problems in Norfolk. The 16 years I've lived here I havent heard of any problems. I wish there was more to do.
I've lived here my whole life so I don't know much different, but it's a very safe community and it's not too big and not too small. I would love to see more activities for teens and young adults such as a roller rink or something of that sort.
I liked Norfolk for its small town feel and friendliness. There's not much to do there though. Too many fast food restaurants, and not enough healthy options. Small job market, but the cost of living is low, so you can raise a good family there.
Norfolk is a great small town, everywhere you go you will always see kind and friendly people. The schools are also great places for our kids to learn.
Beautiful place to live and friendly people. There are many job opportunities and if you love small town living there are also little tiny towns only 5 minutes away or so.
So many great caches in the Norfolk area. Three geoarts trails: Husker Trail with 74 caches, Johnny Carson Trail with 87 caches, and the Go Big Red Trail with 175 caches. Each of these trails have a wonderful mix of cache types and difficulties. Lots of lodging and camping available in the area as well with good food everywhere.
Personally, this town is way different from the area I grew up in. Norfolk for its size has the largest and most outrageous city tax I have ever seen. I came from a town smaller than Norfolk population wise, but there are three times as many businesses. What amazes me is that my hometown can thrive off of the standard 7% tax, while Norfolk's city tax is almost 9%. So what I really don't understand is why it is so expensive. Now luckily for me I don't live in Norfolk, but that is definitely one thing I would change. Plus it would be nice to bring in more businesses that could actually last, instead of only lasting one year then having to close their doors due to the unmanageable tax costs. Of all of the things I would change, that would be it. Making city taxes and costs much more affordable and growing more businesses.
Norfolk is a nice town, but the small town blues will creep up on you if you are from larger cities.
I plan to move back to this area prior graduation.
The the size of the town there seems to be a lot of crime. There are ok parts of town and a lot more parts of town that I wouldn't want to walk around in alone at night.
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Small boring town. You will not be accepted if you are different. For the size of the town there is a lot of crime. Also there is one community college, which seems to aimed at agriculture...and apparently being drunk. On that note, there is really nothing to do in the whole town after 10pm if you are not interested in getting drunk in some tiny local bar or someones house. I suppose the drunken farmer atmosphere is right for some, but if that isn't you, then this isn't the place for you. I am moving out as soon as possible and would not choose to live here again if I knew what I was getting into.
Depends on their place on the economic ladder.
Its deceptive sure there Is the normal crime people are concerned with. Plus, there is low key crime that is deceptively low key yet very effective.
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