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A modern city with so much to offer. This suburb has plenty of entertainment for a variety of ages, local parks that keep the family in mind as well as the adventurous individuals, shopping malls/ plazas, martial arts training facilities, movie theaters, libraries, and plenty of local festivities. Norcross is also great when it comes to having a sense of security meaning it has a safe environment for all. If you are with a family searching for a place to call home or single looking for a fun relaxing night i highly recommend you check out Norcross.
I love downtown Norcross because of the vibe that it puts off, it never fails to serve as a hang out place. Thrasher and Lillian Webb park are both very close to my house and make a nice place to go when I'm bored or just want to get out of the house.
I moved here when I was a child and have grown up here since. It's an okay place to live, affordable but commuting in and out is terrible.
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It is, for the most part, a safe place to leave. Most things aren't spread too far apart. The area has a lot of good local eating establishments of various cultures,as well as a lot a wide variety of grocery stores with affordable pricing. Renting apartments and homes is also much cheaper than in the city.
Norcross is in the suburbs of Atlanta, which means we are not too far from the loud and busy city. Greater Atlanta has many smaller cities that are only a 10 minute drive from one another. Here you can start your businesses and join a union of ethically diverse business owners. The locals of Norcross love the safety and living style this city provides.
Norcross is a nice area. Not too far from Atlanta and public transportation. It's also pretty quiet. There are a good amount of businesses around, However there could be more variety. The city is clean. You might occasionally see trash on the road but it's rare.
I love the sense of community and support for Norcross High School. The teams are very lucky to the avid support of fans and residents who are active in the community.
My family and I have resided in Norcross for me, my whole life and my relatives for quite awhile. We also all live relatively close together and even our relatives that may not be up the street still reside in the Norcross area. It is a great area for families big or small because it is the suburbs, people mind their own business and no one wants any trouble so a lot of people like to keep to themselves. Even if our neighbors aren't super friendly or super not friendly, they don't go out of their way to get our attention unless we have kids that go to school together or some of us and their dogs choose to mingle with one another. I enjoy living in Norcross just because of the culture diversity and there's a lot to do if you go to the right places know the right people of course.
I have been live in here for almost 10 years. I love living here because it diversity with a lot of asian restaurant
I have lived here in Norcross for about eight years now. I have to say, it is much better than the city I came from which was Clarkston. Norcross has schools in its community that care about its students success and overall participation in school.
Norcross is heavily diversified but it is a city with two sides to it. There is a side of Norcross that mostly consists of minorities and then there's a side that consists of high middle to upper class (Peachtree Corners). It is almost like the two sides of Norcross is segregated and it is very obvious. The environment is mostly calm and serene for the most part. There is downtown Historic Norcross that is very quaint and antique and has a park that is lovely and perfect for families. The nightlife is pretty boring for the most part but it is a commuting distance to the city and not a bad drive.
Norcross is a very nice city just not very diversed in certain communities and very expensive living
I have been living in Norcross for over nine years. I plan to live here for nine more years! This is the best region in the entire state of Georgia. Majority of the public schools here are IB league schools, which is perfect for furthering the education of our children. Although Norcross is extremely diverse we all look at each other as family! I would not want to live in any other place in Georgia, but right here in Norcross!
Over the recent years, there has been a gentrification of the western part of Norcross (which part of has recently become the city of Peachtree Corners). The part I lived in used to be filled with crime and poverty, but in the past 2 years, it has all changed. However, this happened through gentrification, pushing poorer families out of the area.
This is a great neighborhood. They have started putting in sidewalks and building more parks, as well as added new places for business to move into to.
Such a good school system with very nice homes and nice neighborhoods. Not typically high in crime, making it a very safe area to reside in. The only problem is the cost of living here and in Gwinnett in general, but considering the Gwinnett County Public School System (GCPS) is so highly rated throughout the rate, it makes living here and dealing with the expenses of living partially bearable.
More public transportation and walking paths. Could also use a dog park and disc golf course. Traffic is bad but easily avoidable. Plenty of shopping, eating and jobs. Great job market
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I’ve loved growing up in Norcross. There’s an excellent downtown area and historical section that’s perfect for visitors.
Norcross is a multicultural city filled with great attractions and even greater people. 10 out of 10
I like Norcross because it is close to the city without having to deal with the heavy traffic and the bustling of the city. I have lived in this area for 10 years and have never encountered a problem. It is very diverse which makes it more interesting to live here.
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