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I have lived in Norco, CA since 1964. If you want to live in a nice quiet little town, then DON’T move here. Norco has no noise ordinance about barking dogs! I have neighbors in at least three (3) homes around me with dogs that bark continuosly. The city hall and the animal control said it’s to bad but they can’t do anything about it. The neighbors obviously don’t care or are just plain disrespectful towards their neighbors. Other then that I guess it’s okay here. Except that the intense horsestyle life has pushed out the areas where children on bicycles once could ride safely. At one time all the dirt trails on the sides of the road were uncluttered. Now there are fences between the road and the dirt trails that prevent children from being able to swerve off of the road onto the dirt trail in order to avoid disoriented automobile drivers.
Norco is a small country town. They don't call it horse town for no reason. They have horse hook ups right outside of the local stater brothers and everywhere you go you see farm animals and people with boots and cowboy hats on. It is a very friendly neighbor hood and everyone is kind and willing to help with any thing there neighbor needs. I would recommended anyone to live here.
City is awful, the roads are filled with pot holes. They really need to fix all the bumpy roads! But this is a horse town and the people are nice.
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Norco is a great town for people with animals. There are big backyards and lots of outdoor spaces. With that, it is also very dusty, and many stores look run down or old.
The town is very proud of their culture and heritage. They love showing their spirit and are a loving community. Norco does have a conservative history which can lead to arguments, but its overall a great place to live.
Quiet town, most people are friendly and easy to communicate. Nice schools and very helpful with us as students and teachers.
Norco has either been my home, or where I have lived my life for as long as I can remember. Even when we didn't live here, I was always here. The people here are very sweet, and it has a home town feel. Norco has taken on the name "horse town USA", and is very proud of it. If you live here, there is no way you don't know anyone that owns a horse.
Old town charm, not much nightlife but there are nearby cities such as corona or eastvale. Great for families and animal lovers, a lot of parades and activities.
It is very authentic. You get this feeling of living in a small town even though you are in the suburb.
It is horse country, large lots to house horses. Its a nice city without a nightlife however, the town is more family friendly with their family-centric events.
A very good place to settle.down and have a family. Very peaceful and friendly neighbors. Great shopping areas and business opportunities.
I love that Norco, California is a country living town in the middle of southern California. When you are in Norco, you feel like you have disappeared from the fast pace craziness of California. You can stop and smell the roses. Drive down main street and you see tons of cowboys and cowgirls riding their horses on the sides of the streets. Everyone knows everyone by name. The friendliness of this city is something you just don't come by anymore. Walk into a store and they greet you immediately, often by name. The service is top notch always. The small-town vibe without it being too small. Plus, who does not love a good old rodeo and fair. Norco has several of them throughout the year. It is simply amazing.
Nice little horsetown. Rural. If you enjoy country living but now live in the suburbs, passing through some neighborhoods here will bring you right back to the country feel.
Still has good shopping outlets and whatnot, also the neighboring cities are more "modern" so you can go to the Costco or whatever through there.

Neighbors are really friendly here. Also festive too.
Norco is a little horse town surounde by Corona, Ontario, and Riverside. I enjoy this little town because it is calm and it makes me feel safe. It feels like home.
Norco is the ideal community and suburb, but with a little country twist to it. While not huge and sprawling like a major city, or even a moderately sized city, Norco offers a quiet suburban life with a rustic country feel. Affectionately named Horsetown U.S.A., Norco has a history with horses and it's horse trails for sidewalks shows it. The city offers multiple great schools, is family friendly, great cost of living and real estate when compared to the rest of southern California. All of these by nestled in a safety bubble, thanks to the local sheriff's department.
I like the area because it is quite, especially at nights, since there are no disturbances. The members of the community are pleasant but often stay indoors so there is a lack of socialization. I like to see the horses strolling along the well paved slightly sloped road. In other areas i don't see horses and they are colder than this area. I like it. Therefore, its an okay from me.
Not much crime, but occasionally you hear about home invasion theft,
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As far as the future of this area, the overall expenditures would be towards the horses. Just like the new developments of Silverlakes Sports Park.
I love living in Norco. It's a friendly place and if you attend school or church in the area, you'll know everyone.
Norco is a horse town, meaning that the town is pretty rural. People own anything from chickens to camels here. The atmosphere is very laid back, very country. I don't know that I'd move here again, given the choice. It's been an interesting experience though. I don't know how it can compare to the rest of the country as its pretty unique, but it's very similar to an old town feel. Unfortunately in the future I see this town being modernized. I would like for it to retain its country feel, but it's already begun to be turned into more of a city than a town.
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