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I love the town of Nolensville. Only thirty minutes from downtown Nashville, this suburban town is the perfect place to raise a family. The "small town" atmosphere is what makes Nolensville so great.
Nolensville is a great small town with a lot of charm. There are many local businesses bringing in revenue from the town and no influence of large corporations in the town. The town is very family friendly, has great public schools, and overall feels very safe and welcoming. For a middle class family Nolensville is the ideal place to live, just close enough to Nashville and
Brentwood to where the drive is short, but far enough away to still feel the small town vibes. My only complaint would be that there is only one road going in and out that is one lane in each direction so getting in or out during rush hour is near impossible. Overall Nolensville is a great place to live.
Great place to live. Not much to do. But they have really good Schools. Nolensville high is almost brand new, this is one of those places which is good to raise a family.
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Nolensville has a great small town vibe that everyone knows. The community is very tight knit, but welcoming to outsiders. The town is starting to grow and is full of many opportunities. There is not much in the town, but it is close to lots of shopping and food in towns nearby. The school system is excellent and the teachers get to know the students well. The historic part is not large, but serves as a place for everyone to gather on the weekends. They also have a farmers market that serves the best produce from local farmers.
Nolensville is a very great, inclusive community. People feel very welcome and it is very easy to navigate. There is not much to do however; people have to drive at least 25 minutes away to find something to do besides go out to eat at Sonic or Outlanders.
Small, semi-rural town - at least, it used to be. It's grown a bit too much for my liking. It's still a nice place to live, even if traffic is horrible. We have an endangered species of crayfish living in the rivers, so there's that.
There's a great park that has a playground and a dog park. It is also next to a softball field and besides that, is a baseball field. There is a nice community restuarant called Nana's Diner which is old fashioned and very loving.
Wonderful bedroom community close to Nashville. Nolensville has something for everyone including: great parks and restaurants as well as adorable shops and a farmers market on Saturdays. There are several churches to choose from. It is a community filled with southern charm.
This is the best community in Nashville. The best schools, the best people and the best scenery all located no more than 25 minutes from everything.
I grew up in Nolensville, TN and have seen it grow slowly and beautifully. This small town of 4,000 is home to many talents, great families, and nationally rated school systems. Nolensville has a big heart and welcomes any new visitors or residents.
Nolensville is a great community. The schools are great and the community is great for families. There is a lot of economy growing and construction isn't too intrusive on daily life or traffic.
There is relatively no crime.
It's not a bad place to live by any means. The schools we are zoned for are some of the best in the state. The community is rapidly growing with new developments and businesses popping up all the time. Very safe for families and kids.
The only reason for three stars is the fact that there are lower income families inhabiting the area, therefore adding to the desperate need for money or food. Also, Nolensville, as well as many areas, have a drug scene and although it does not dominate the community, it increase the chances of crime. Overall, Nolensville is a safe place, and I may be going into too much criticism with this review, but am trying to give the absolute worst examples in order to fully expand on this topic.
I like the fact that it is close to stores and various eateries, but there are very little things to do around Nolensville. You kind of need to create your fun or drive elsewhere to find entertainment. I would recommend the area to a new couple, but not retirement suitable.
Nolensville is a great town. It is growing very rapidly, so much so we now have a new high school, 2 elementary schools, and 2 middle schools
This area is essentially bereft of activities and practically all of the people have uniform, conservative, Republican, Christian/Evangelical ideologies. My town of Nolensville is incredibly small and was discovered in the late 1700s, but wasn't incorporated UNTIL 1989. The town's mascot is a broken wagon wheel. The first settlers stayed there because their decrepit old wagon broke down. I think that says it all about my town. My town is one street with a few rustic small town stores. Most of its residents live in Bent Creek, a sprawling suburb in really the middle of nowhere. The closest city is Nashville, which is about 30-45 minutes away by car (depending on traffic). I have lived in middle TN my entire life, and my values are directly contrary to the values of the average citizen there. I am a secular scientific thinker with very strong left wing leanings. My philosophy is one of open-mindedness, tolerance, and exploration. I love trying new things and experiencing different cultures. I get very upset when someone is treated differently due to their race, religion/lack thereof, sexual orientation, etc. I led the GSA at my high school and am currently working on starting a non-profit to promote cooperation between other non-profits striving for all variations of equality. Basicially, I believe each human should be judged on merit alone. Most people in my area, in contrast, have intense and ingrained unjust biases. Consequentially, I have always been an outsider. I would have rated my area even more lowly if it didn't have a few redeeming qualities. I love nature/animals, and this rural area does have much of that. In addition, there is practically no crime on the streets because most of the town's residents are upper middle class or upper class in economic standing. However, I don't doubt that abuse/crimes occur inside people's residences; there is just no danger on the streets.
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It is good or bad depending on your point of view. One week last year, this community went through all four seasons. The temperature is mostly lukewarm to cold except towards June and July when it is warmer. Snow is rarely going to occur even in December and January. People, mostly teenagers, are ecstatic when there is even an inch of snow. The chill of Winter is there, but there not any snow to show for it.
It is overall a very quiet town and everybody does know everyone else. It is pretty safe compared to the rest of the state of Tennessee. People even know the police officers on sight. I believe there are some odd regulations, but it's mostly pertaining to businesses. If you live in a house near a main street where everyone can see your house, I would take good care of your lawn. A bad thing about a small community is that everyone knows you.
The food is not bad around this area. Most notable would be the sports bar, the Mexican restaurant, the bbq joint, a cigar bar, and the Sonic.Be prepared though since those are the most popular, it is going to packed during the dinner rush. There is practically no night life in this town. It is getting better though, people used to be home by 8. Now, they stay out a little later, but not by much as the shops typically close by 9 or 10. The only restaurant opened really late is the Sonic and sometimes the cigar bar.
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