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Nolanville is a small town with friendly environment and good pricing for cost of living. Close to other towns and shopping with minimal drive time. Nolanville is growing to be a great place to raise a family with improvements in city parks, main street and attracting new businesses.
It’s a quiet small town without stop lights. The locals are friendly, and they have good elementary schools for the children. Nice place to live if you don’t want to live in the city.
I live in a gated community its nice part of Nolanville. Quiet and Cute. I hated my high school but i think everyone does. No many kids from my school lived here. i recommend go to Belton highschool but i heard its just as bad as Harker heights but both aren't getto just rude teaches and students
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The town is a nice country town. Most of the time the loudest noise in the city is the train that runs through at random times. Other times it's the fireworks that aren't supposed to be used. My largest complain with the city of Nolanville is that the city government does what they see fit. Don't purchase a home here with the intent of living here forever. They will rezone your property and make it to where you can't do anything with your own land.
Nolanville is a nice and quiet place to live. Very little interaction with the nearby military base but still close to shopping and restaurants via US 190.
I like staying in Nolanville because it is very small and quiet. The population here is about 5000. It is very close to the other between where I grew up and where I work. What I don't like about it is the railroad tracks. If there is a train on the tracks, you cannot get in or out.
In this area its by far from crime just accidents but no crimes , very relaxing town.
Moving for California to Nolanville ,TX it been amazing. I love how its a very small town police is alert of everything keeping everything under control. Its growing pretty fast . Overall its calm ,relaxing very safe place .
Gated community and police patrol daily
Beautiful surroundings and small neighborhood
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