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I have lived in Nokomis all my life i am 17 years old and it is a nice, safe, beach town that is very nice to grow up in. Nokomis really is a tiny paradise with a white sand beach being between 5 and 10 minutes away, depending on where in Nokomis you live, and the beach is never crowded. I went to school at Laurel Nokomis for 3 years and was in the gifted program and had a great time. The teachers were kind and I made lasting friendships. Great place for a kid to grow up and great place for retirees since there are a lot of them here. My favorite thing to do is walk the beach at sunset. The older crowd often goes to the Paradise Grill in Nokomis, I see them there a lot, dancing and having the time of their lives. there's always a crowd dancing to oldies, and new music.
Nokomis is home to a mixed group of middle class families. Although there is not as much community involvement, there are lots of restaurants on the main road that everyone can enjoy. There area is slightly more affordable than othere areas in Sarasota County and its not too far away from the beach.
I like the fact we are close to the beaches. Sometimes due to all the tourists I can't always find a parking spot.
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I have lived in Nokomis my entire life and I love it. The beach is great and the Jetty is so beautiful
Nokomis is a cute little beach town with a small population but bigger cities to the north and south. Nokomis beach has clear water and white sand, waterfront restaurants and plenty of outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, camping and kayaking.
I like the easy access to the beaches. But there needs to be more things for teens and young adults to do in the community.
Nokomis, Florida has been an amazing place to live and grow up.
I appreciate nature, warm weather, and a healthy life style. On any given day I can see an alligator, eagle, hawk, fox, dolphin, wild boar, deer, tarpon, whale sharks, sting rays and not to mention neighbors walking dogs all day long either in our neighborhood or at the dog beaches. I have enjoyed playing year round outdoor sports and sunshine almost daily. If given the opportunity I would move back to Nokomis and raise my family here.
I think the Nokomis is a beautiful town. I have lived there most of my life. We have large beautiful beaches. We have complete access to the Gulf of Mexico. We have intercoastal waterways where I kayak. There are many parks. There are many businesses close by. There are hospitals and malls nearby. We have a large sidewalk trail that runs many miles miles where you can ride bikes, rollerblades, and walk or run. There there are some good choices for employment. But Nokomis is so small and that the neighboring towns also offer great choices of employment and housing. We have many different choices of workout establishments. I love Nokomis my favorite thing is to go to the beach and watch the sunset.
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