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Nokomis is definitely small town living. It is a quiet town. Neighbors are friendly. You don't get all the traffic noise like you do in a bigger city. The only negative I have is that it is far away (at least 30 minutes) from a larger town.
I live with my parents in a great neighborhood with great neighbors, who watch out for you when you are not home. Police drive be occasionally just checking things out..Only one big concern, is with the abandoned house on the corner. Would hate to see someone hurt in it with kids playing around it, an eyesore, but could really hurt someone who goes in it.
Small town community where everybody knows everyone..Would like to live in a bigger town or city where job opportunities are better.
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The weather is average. In the winter it snows, in the spring it rains.
Most people in my town work in different cities. There are not many options in town if you want a quality, decently paying job
In my town, there are very few restaurants. The main chain restaurants are Dairy Queen and Subway but other than that, the restaurants in town are old fashioned and dirty.
The local businesses in my hometown range from Dairy Queen to the mom and pop book store downtown. The closest Walmart is about 25 miles away, so if we need something specific we have to travel for it.
Our police and fire squads are both amazing. They respond very quickly, and are always on top of things.
I live in a tiny town and I am a city girl so I don't enjoy my town. I plan to move far away. Everyone here is either poor or stuck up. It's all about your last name.
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