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Nogales is a very small town. I doesn't have a lot of job opportunities because it doesn't grow. The people here are very involved and friendly. They like to welcome people and the town overall is very safe. The schools here are very average and there is a lot of places to live.
I love Nogales for its peacefulness and calmness. Everyone minds its own business and doesn't bother with others. It's a great place to raise a family. Small town but full of potential for growth.
Nogales is a beautiful community great environment and people. Very safe place a town where you have confidence and trust in people.
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Nogales is a beautiful border town to mexico located in southern Arizona. It is full of great hispanic culture and people. Its a great town to visit because it gives you a huge taste of the Mexican culture and if intrested you can even visit Mexico by crossing the border. There is also a huge produce business and its amazing to see all fruits and vegtables get distributed all over the U.S. Education and sports are huge in this amazing town as it has helped open doors for students on continuing their academic and athletic career. One thing i would change is just giving more support towards schools and students. There is ALOT of potential in Nogales’s young generation and slowly it has been gaining more and more support.
A friendly predominantly Hispanic community, not the most exciting place, but certainly a town for the average family, and a place that is continuously growing and upgrading, if a little slowly. There could be more social areas, as currently there are only restaurants, one movie theater, and some rather average parks. A train divides the city.. .which can make things kinda slow.. but not often! The downtown area is especially colorful, however.
Nogales is a small beautiful town next to the US and Mexico border. It is a great little town to for a family, where your kids can grow without the hassle of big cities. Public and private schools offer great education. Nogales is a safe little quiet town. Since its major income comes from produce you do get a lot of semi truck traffic in the freeway. But other than that it is fantastic.
I moved to Nogales 3 years ago after retiring. I grew up in Phoenix and have lived in four other states. If you like to 4 wheel there is so many mountains and wilderness to explorer. To cross the border to Nogales Sonora for wonderful Mexican food and culture is so nice. The air is clean and the weather never gets extremely cold or hot. Just love the baseball stadium and all the games. Only an hour and 10 minutes to Tucson. Love Nogales
Nogales is a small border town in southern Arizona. The people of the town are dedicated to be the best but can be snobby. There are few activities to do around here such as watching a movie a the theater or catching a baseball at the local park. Nogales is alright.
There's a great combination of people, growing as a bilingual because of the border with Mexico. Small town, really calm.
It is a nice place due to the fact that it is near the border to Mexico. You will be able to go back and forth and visit new areas. Nogales overall is rated 4 on my personal opinion as there are not that many resources of any kind since it is a small city.
Nogales is my home. It's small town and everyone piratically knows everyone. That could be either a good or bad thing depending on how you view it. I, for tend to hate it and love it. i guess it all depends on how bad the gossip is...
Nogales, Arizona is a small border town South of Arizona. The town is so small everyone know's each other and the only place that stays open at late hours is Wal-Mart. The place is beautiful comparing to city like Tucson, by Nine at night everything is so quiet its almost soothing. The food is exquisite, if you like spicy food and trying anything new. I am in love with Nogales.
I was born in Tucson Arizona but raised in Nogales Arizona, I consider myself lucky having Mexican-American culture making my life more diverse and open minded. Being a bilingual bicultural has made me achieve in various ways. Nogales Arizona is a border town where everybody knows everyone, there is not much to do. I have been raised here and I find it extraordinary how people like me, reach their goals coming from such a small town.
It is a very family friendly town. Although it is a border town it is still a very safe place. It also is a calm town and most people are nice all around.
Nogales, is unlike any other town in the world. It is unique as the townspeople and everything that the town has to offer. There is no other town to grow up other than Nogales. It is such an inviting town and there is nothing that beats my hometown of Nogales.
I lived in Nogales my entire life even though it is a small town it is very amicable and I like my time here and I also go to school. My job is enjoyable and I don't have to worry about my safety because our law and enforcement people are the best.
It's a small town, with a beautiful landscape. It has mountains it gets cold and it's really hot in the summer so you get a little bit of everything. It lays border line with a town named Nogales Sonora. The people are amazing and the style of life is pretty interesting.
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Nogales is a very safe place to live. Small, comfortable, and very diverse in culture. The city offers a strong mix of hispanic culture and U.S. culture. It is truly unique full of beautiful art and people. Limited job opportunities but great place to raise a family.
My experience living in the small boarder town of Nogales has had its good and bad times. Since most of my family lives either in this town or in Nogales Sonora it gives me the opportunity to enjoy them and since I am extremely family oriented Nogales has done a great job in letting me grow up with the people I love. Although Nogales is an extremely small town where there is nothing but produces and warehouses which doesn't give kids nor teenagers many options to do and experience new things in life. And since we are a border town at a very young age you come across many drug traffickers, cartel violence, people missing and so on in so fourth.
I enjoy living in Nogales. I have lived in Nogales since i was born. The only thing that i want from Nogales is adding new activities to do like maybe roller skating or even an indoor soccer arena.
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