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Nodaway Township Reviews

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All our local businesses are good we just don't have as many as other towns.
During the summer there is always more going on. But it being such a small town most people hang out at people's houses
We don't. Have any gyms in town but we have three tracks and all the roads are great for walking because it is a safe environment.
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The town takes great care of our city!
People don't leave this place. We all grow up here and then never leave!
I feel very safe in savannah sometimes I don't even lock my doors.
We all seem to get along around here. People wave as you drive by and everyone seems to know someone or knows someone that knows someone.
I feel like the housing situation is very small town. But the houses are all nice to look at
savannah is a very small town. If you don't work at the local DQ or grocery store you are going out of town to find a job.
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