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Typical anywhere America feel as far as restaurants and shopping. Like all new suburbs most are McMansions packed together tightly with little to no privacy and a lot of parents trying to pretend like they like they are extending their college drinking years with drinking party “ crawls” from home to Home . Their biggest claim to fame is a free for residents waterpark that is crowded during the summer and not heated in the winter. Schools are good but overcrowded.
Lots of preserved lands in the area and a beautiful beach five minutes away. Clean area and well planned out. Centrally located between Jacksonville and St. Augustine which are two diverse towns.
Nocatee is a beautiful community and is not far from the beach, Jacksonville and St. Augustine. There are many neighborhoods within Nocatee in various price ranges. The local town center has shopping, banking, a medical center and restaurants. You could just about find everything you needed without ever leaving Nocatee.
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I love living here. Low crime, good schools, great neighbors and neighborhood within Nocatee. Tons of playgrounds and sidewalks on both sides of each street. However, at this point there are not many nearby shoppi g options. The nearest mall is 25 mins away, same for target, walmart, etc. Shopping developments are currently being built in st johns county, but will not be done for probably a year. This is a fantastic and safe place to raise a family. However, if I were single or a couple with no plans for children, I would not choose to live here. Other areas would suit my needs and wants better at that point.
I love Nocatee, however, the only food options around are fast food joints. All stores close way too soon as well. It is also far (20 minutes minimum) from stores, sit down restaurants, and other businesses.
Nocatee is a great community with so many amenities. I think that this is an ideal setting for any family.
Nocatee is a great, family friendly community with a lot of activities for the residents! One of the fastest growing communities in the country.
the area where i live is nice. the problem is the distance because everything is located more than 20 minutes. As a college student, the university is located 25 without traffic and it is more than 30 minutes with traffic. The atmosphere is nice because the houses are surrounded with a lot of vegetation. it is a good place for families who have little kids or old people who are planning to retire. In addition, this place has the best school of the city and some are the best of the state.
The housing in my area is new (less than 5 years). There are no vacant or abandoned properties. The cost of housing and utilities is affordable because we are still growing.
Nocatee is a great community. We have a monthly farmer's market as well as seasonal community events. All are well attended. My neighbors are great. We all help each other out. We have many dog parks and playgrounds in the community, so we're very pet/family friendly.
We are very safe in this area. We have many police who live in our neighborhood, so if there's ever a problem we have help fast. We have an occasional car broken into or kids vandalizing the neighborhood park, but the kids were caught and we've not had a problem since.
Nocatee is a new and growing community, rated third in the country. This is a great place to live. I enjoy the water park and biking trails.
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