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It is honestly a beautiful place, though as of lately the subs have been popping up everywhere. The town is also very pretty, and there is always things going on like plays, festivals, and events.
A beautiful, small town just outside Indianapolis. Tons for parks and nature walks that are family friendly.
I always feel safe in my area, and I rarely hear about serious crimes occurring.
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There is a great range of rural, city, urban, and suburban living. The citizens are great and so are the city officials, servants, and volunteers. Tons of parks, nature reserves, and trails to go visit as well as downtown activities.
I love Noblesville. I feel very safe living in this city. There is things to do with your friends and it doesn't take 30 minutes to get to the other side of town.
Unfortunately the four seasons are a little confusing here. Winter can occur in fall or spring, fall can occur in summer, or summer can occur in winter. The weather changes often by day the day, and occasionally by the hour. This past winter was the worst winter here on record. The temperatures were colder here than the Arctic.
I think based on the cost of living and the average type of person that lives around here, the dining options, as well as the retail store options are pretty great. Generally, the driving time that it takes to get to these places are more than desirable, but they are still available.
I know plenty of people who are unemployed, but that comes with our economy. I think there are an average amount of job opportunities, but seldom are those who get them paid a fair wage.
The amount of crime in Noblesville is generally low, but when there is crime, police respond in an average amount of time. Safety in my neighborhood is well regarded, as I live out in the middle of three cornfields, with about twelve to fifteen houses is in our small neighborhood.
Some people work some people DON'T!
Compared to other towns, Noblesville is right on the bad weather. I can only think of a couple of instances where the roads have not been cleared but that was because of mother nature and not the crew slacking off. The climate here is typical Midwestern weather. Hot and humid to cold and snowing but I like the variety.
I think pollution is under control in Noblesville. As far as outdoor activities, there are many either in town here or close by. The two main parks that I know of in town are kept very clean and well-maintained.
I feel that Noblesville is a very Christian-based community, which is great for some people. There definitely is diversity as far as income of families. There are many options for all kinds of budgets for housing. For the most part, people are pretty friendly.
It seems like I see many people walking, running, or doing some type of activity. Unfortunately, I do not see many children out and about, which is sad. There are a couple of fitness places, one on each side of town that I know of. If a person wants to get into shape, they will find a way. Riverview Hospital is the only hospital directly in Noblesville, and I have not had good experiences there and neither have a lot of my friends, which is sad because it is so convenient. I stay fit with walking on the trail and trying to get to Zumba which is offered throughout the community.
I do not think that Noblesville has enough restaurants. I think more unique restaurants are needed. As far as nightlife, I don't know of too many places besides restaurants and bowling alleys. Not much variety at all or I guess I should say not anything that is worth drawing people from out of town to.
The housing in Noblesville is great for any budget. I do not noticed too many vacant buildings or abandoned property. Obviously, the cost of housing is great as long as you are buying. It do think that it is headed upward though. I do not think that there are any areas in Noblesville where I do not feel safe. As far as best areas, it depends on the person. If you ilke country, go more towards the northern portion, if you like executive homes you can pretty much find them anywhere.
The Potter's Bridge is a thing that I think a lot of people come to see and explore. I am always seeing photographers taking pictures there. I do know that David Lederman goes to Schwartz's every year for a canoe trip, so that is a good event for the community. I am not sure that there is anything that unique in Noblesville to attract tourists unless they are looking for a car! My gosh, we have too many dealerships and they are building another one!!!
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The jobs around Central Indiana are great in some fields. As far as construction goes, there is always something being built somewhere which provides many jobs for laborers. We were seriously contemplating moving back to Illinois, but we decided not to because there is very little construction there compared to here.
I very rarely hear about crime in this area. When there is anything, it seems like they are on it and get the problem fixed right away. I see police quite often, so they do make themselves noticeable around town. For the most part, I feel very safe in this town.
I have had to use the police on a few occasions as far as locking my keys in my car, and they have always come in a timely manner and were very nice. My daughter also had an accident and the firemen were very understanding and compassionate. I feel that Noblesville is slowly getting back on track as far as upping their activities that are affordable in the community.
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