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I've grown up in Noblesville since 1998. Love it! Great community for raising a family. Plenty to do around town with the farmers market, malls, concert arena, and lake!
I live the environment and how it is close to other surrounding small cities. There aren’t lots to do in Noblesville, but there is a lot to do around it. It has a cute downtown area with things going on there almost every weekend which is very nice as well.
I have lived in Noblesville all of my life. I really like living in the suburbs on Indianapolis and feel very safe! There are a wide variety of parks, activities, festivities to attend. I really like living here and feel very safe, even though there was a recent school shooting, I still feel safe!
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I love that Noblesville is a community that comes together. Last school year, our middle school went through a tragedy with an active shooter. The community came together, continues to raise awareness and has supported the victims and schools. Although this was a tragedy, I feel confident that our town and the school system has made our kids feel comfortable going back to school.
Aside from the community that came together after the tragedy, the neighborhood that we live in is safe with many family activities for our children. We are proud to be Noblesville residents.
Noblesville Was an amazing place to grow up. The community is one of its highlights. People know each other and help each other out. The opportunities I've had here through said community have been amazing and shaped who I am today.
Noblesville is a cute suburb of Indianapolis and is continuing to grow. If wanting to commute to downtown Indianapolis expect an hour or more for commute time. Noblesville has great private and public schools. Diversity lacks in Noblesville noticeably. Nobelsville has a reservoir that is popular for water sports. The area has a lack of different restaurants and fast food is common. When driving in Nobelsville corn and soybean fields are common yet, disappearing due to urbanization. The small downtown area is very nice and super walkable. All in all it is an average Midwest town to live in.
I love Noblesville because the community is close and it is constantly looking for ways to grow and better the community.
Noblesville is interesting. It seems like 80% of the residents are lost in their own worlds, while 20% are down-to-earth human beings.
Affluent community with enriching and pleasurable kid-friendly activities. Lack of nightlife. Very limited activities centered around singles. Great shopping, dining, & entertainment. This town is resourceful and resilient. The people tend to hide behind their money when challenges strike.
It's a lovely city, that has begun growing as a community in recent years. With new additions such as the Federal Hill Commons, there is more opportunity for events to be held and for people to get out and see the town. My personal favorite thing about Noblesville is the "car shows" that happen on some weekends during warm months. Residents will show up with antique, sporty, and just plan fancy cars and park them around the square. This is a perfect family event, and allows people to indulge in the shopping and dining opportunities on the square.
I like that there is a lot to do here in that there are lots of restaurants, theaters, shopping centers, parks, swimming pools, a lake, gyms, etc, and it's generally a beautiful area. Not may towns have both a river and a lake running through it, along with both beautiful neighborhoods and farm fields. Every neighborhood I've lived in or have been to had a really close-knit community and provides monthly events that bring all of the families together. The school systems are pretty great too, although I didn't love the high school. Some of the teachers were pretty crappy and the administration didn't do much about it. I think the biggest downside, though, is that it is a bit of a commute from work. To get to Indianapolis during rush hour takes over an hour, which isn't fun to do twice a day. However, some of the living costs make up for the commute time and gas money since the cost of living is fairly low. There's a reason this town keeps growing and growing.
Noblesville is a quickly growing city with a small town feel. Great schools and employment opportunities.
A well lit town that always has events going on, as well as an active community. The public schools are regulated and controlled very well and the parks are always kept clean and tidy for family events or random get together events with friends.
I really like living in Noblesville. It is safe and friendly. It’s a great place for a family and a quick trip to Indianapolis. I would recommend it to anyone.
Noblesville is a great place to live there is always something to do it is very family friendly the schools are wonderful. There are plenty of job opportunities. A very diverse group of people which is nice. Everyone is friendly and there are many different types of foods. Overall a great experience. It’s very upscale, but not snobby.
Noblesville is amazing for families looking for a fresh start. Noblesville is a thriving community, full of young, prosperous citizens who are contributing to such a vastly growing community.
Noblesville is a great place to live and the school systems are great! The road systems are starting to get a little small compared to the population, but other than that this a great place to be. Many jobs, many safe and friendly neighborhoods. family friendly environment but also great for singles because the single life in nob is also great!
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Noblesville is a lovely place to raise a family. I grew up here, absolutely no complaints, but I did have a very sheltered life. I currently go to school in Chicago, and I quickly learned that Noblesville is not very diverse. I do think over the years the diversity has grown. This suburb is safe and family-friendly. There aren't very many bars or clubs or anything of the sort, so for that kind of deal you would have to drive out a bit.
I love the location because it has the town atmosphere yet it is just down the road from Indianapolis and all sorts of things to do! There are endless restaurants and parks and the white river runs through town also.
Noblesville is a suburb of Indianapolis that is very close to Carmel and Fishers (both areas of upper middle class residents), but has managed not to be swallowed up by either city; and it maintains its own identity.
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