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I have not looked into buying or renting a house. I am in my third year of college and rent a place in Fort Wayne, so I go back and forth. The housing is reasonable and there are a couple apartment complexes that are affordable.
There have been generation of families that tend to stay around. There have been some siblings, aunts, and uncles that have moved into a town outside of mine. They are still close and we always get together on holidays and special occasions.
The only concern I have is the safety on the roads. Some places have low visibility or needs repaired. Sidewalks also need to be either put in or fixed so kids have safe places to walk.
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The only bad thing about living in Indiana is the weather. You never know if it will rain, sleet, or snow. The wind may pick up and tear things apart. Other than the seasons it is an average place to be.
There are really nice houses in certain areas. Some downtown houses are old and not really well-kept.
Many people often come back to Wabash after some time.
It's very nice, safe, and just a great community!
There are not many jobs available. It's a small town. However, we are fixing up downtown and building a new and improved hospital that should add some jobs.
Local businesses in this area are average, yet nice for a small town.
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