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Abandoned buildings are a huge issue.
I wish we had a more options for retail options.
small town, small variety. there is less demand so there is less supply. economics
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basic variety of places to eat out. fast food as well as a few chain restaurants. not much unique
Not a huge variety but we have the bare minimums and they perform the essential functions in adequate time.
Summertime is great and there's usually still a breeze. Winters can be harsh but that's just how winter is. Fall is absolutely beautiful as there is an abundance of trees to shed their multicolored leaves.
It seems the cops around here are unable to solve real cases but are capable of giving you a ticket for going 4 miles over the speed limit.
It's rural living and the majority of our neighbors are beer-bellied, gun shooting, beer drinking, redneck males whose children run around in ripped clothes with dirt on their face so no there isn't much landscaping going on. The price is average. Garages aren't in abundance but you most garages don't hold lifted trucks and dirt bikes and four wheelers and a lawn mower and bikes and canoes so most people just have a shed for the things that have to be put up.
Fast food is about the only always available job
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