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Noble Township Reviews

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Too many seasonal changes, cold then hot and back to cold. Weather very unpredictable. But can be a little predictable.
Police and fire are very close. Reaction time is best in the county.
Most people drive, parking availability is great for most places. Everything walkable no traffic concerns.
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Only a grocery store in town, other businesses and stores 10 miles away.
I could see myself living here, the atmosphere is great. Bigger cities provide more convenience but small towns do have their perks.
Many people are active throughout the day, working or walking around.
Not many jobs at all and those that are available are low income
Happiness/ friendliness is very good, most people are related so not much diversity.
Some nearby restaurants. Very good food just not much else there.
Some abandoned properties, but many new houses and real estate going on.
Police in town, next to no crime great trust in area.
People stay, very friendly and family orientated.
The school and tradition of the area.
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