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I grew up here in Noble, Oklahoma my whole life. I went to K-12 at the Noble Public School systems. It's a perfect place to raise a small family. It's a small town, but I think Noble has a lot of pride in itself. It's very close to the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK as well as about a 45 minute commute to Oklahoma City. I don't like a lot of hustle and bustle of the big cities so to me a town of about 6000 people isn't that bad. The school systems are becoming more updated especially the High School since I left there in 2010. I believe this is a great place to thrive if you decide to move somewhere that's not too far from a city experience, but you still get to have the experience of a small town.
Noble is a smaller town that is growing. It does have some space and nice houses though and the community is nice. There are family owned restaurants and shops. If you wanted some more options though its right by the bigger city Norman. One bad thing about it is the schools are losing funding so its definitely not the best school system but there are some amazing teachers.
It is a simple and small Oklahoma town that is only really known because it is so close to Norman or to the Thunder Valley Drag Strip. It literally has one stoplight and is usually only a town passed through by those traveling. Not very much to do but it affordable, especially if you don't mind driving a small bit. It is relatively close to a Walmart super center as well as having a grocery store in town for small things. Overall it is not a town for college students looking to have parties locally, that is near campus in Norman. It is for someone who is looking to save money and live quietly if they don’t mind some driving.
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Noble is a great small town, but very close to a bigger town, excellent schools, fire department and police. Beautiful, peaceful the best place I have ever lived, everyone treats you just like family. I love it here.😍😍😍😍😍
It is a small community atmosphere. People are friendly and helpful. The one change I would like to see is sidewalks that lead all the way up to the high school.
Noble is a quaint town that has been expanding in recent years due to outflow from Norman and Oklahoma City. Although current jobs are few, organizations are choosing to expand, and Norman has a high workforce demand.
Despite teachers working at one of the highest paying lowcal districts, Noble's teachers and staff lack motivation for their jobs resulting in students receiving bottom-of-the-barrell education; however, there is a small percentage of teachers and faculty who will do whatever they can to ensure the success of student.
Unfortunately, Noble is a town rooted in the past and refuses to give up many conservative views; diversity is not encouraged unless you ask Noble's adolescents who desperately wish to leave due to such outdated views.
No matter what you're looking for in housing here, you'll find it. How far your willing to drive out of town to get there is the question.
Noble is a family, I can barely go into town without seeing someone I know have being blessed by pleasant conversation. People are genuine and very loving.
I've lived here my whole life and can't think of a moment when the police were needed in a situation and were not promptly there. When my father had a heart attack, not only were they helpful and prompt, but some men from the department called to see how my father was doing afterwards. It's a family.
Noble is more than a town, it's a home. Just entering the city limits gives me the feeling of being home and surrounded by family. When I asked someone and they say they've heard of Noble, a sense of pride wells up in me. This is a great place to live!
Oklahoma really is not the best for health.
It could be a lot better
There are great people around also there is some that aren't so great but the good out weighs the bad.
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