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I love this community overall.This small town community is a great,close nettled community.Here, everyone is family.It has a pool that's great in the summertime,as well as a park and public lake.Also,it has some of the best thrift-stores in the area!
I've grown up here for 20+ years and its a town where everyone knows everyone. I would love to see it develop and bring more business to the area.
Nitro is a small town. It is very close to Charleston WV though, which is our capital city. My commute to Charleston is very short. Nitro still has that small town feel with local established taverns, and a local privately owned grocery store. Where I live is very quiet. Travel a mile more in town though and you will see people on drugs at the gas stations and fast food establishments. I like my neck of the woods, as long as the drugs and crime stay away. It is a town where you know your neighbors, good or bad, and you still have a country feeling here. When I have kids I don't know that I would settle down here, but for the time being it fits my needs.
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I’m proud to say that Nitro, West Virginia is my hometown. I’d love to see people like myself putting back what we can into the community. That’s why I’m going back to school to focus on my education, so in the future I can give back to my community.
Have veteran memorial. Easy access to everything I live living in mitro it’s very quiet and friendly town. We have a lake for fishing, parties and weddings. We also have boom town every year which have old music and old car shows. I would recommend anyone to visit if you can or even consider moving to our town. It is small not over crowded and everyone is friendly. We have good schools and our law enforcement is very good. We do lots of fundraising for the schools and it has lots of good places to eat. We also have a lot of nice churches to attend and great fishing spots. I enjoy living there I have lived in nitro for about 6 years and it is a great town.
Smaller town, has a few good restaurants and stores. Close to Charleston and Teays Valley area for shopping. The roads really really need to be repaired.
Nitro is a great town, with nice people, it has that small town feel. It is a very peaceful and safe area.
Needs updated, but a quite little town. Great for families, all schools are close. A good amount of police force for the small area.
My town is home and always will be. The neighbors are all friendly and businesses are close and within reach. It's perfect for small town living, so if you're into large cities I wouldn't recommend it to you. Nitro is a place where you can grow roots. In the future I see my town prospering. We aren't very wealthy here, however many new businesses are opening up and people are climbing their way out of poverty and towards riches one step at a time.
It's a wonderful neighborhood- you don't even need to lock your car.
The dominate employer in the area is coal mining.
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