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Niskayuna, for me, is a peaceful and progressive neighborhood due to increasing ethnicities in the area. I think it is supportive of family businesses that allow neighbors to buy products that doesn't require them to take long trips to the mall and/or bigger stores. The authorities seem to reach out to its residents by the use of technology; they send out emails and surveys to parents and teens in order to update and seek for insights in improving the town. They also endorse activities during the summer, and school year to promote a more active environment for its people.
School district is great but focus too much on scores, ratings which should not be the case. School should focus on the emotional and mental aspects of the kids/ students. This is why homeschooling is becoming more popular. Boring town. People sleep at 8am. Nothing to do here.Taxes will kill you.
It is by far the worst place I have ever moved, will not recommend for any people to come. Schools will stop at nothing to screw over your special needs children and the town is a boring, gentrified nightmare
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Overrated town. Library is small. Parks not as big and pretty as the neighbouring towns. No walmart. Grocery store small. There is no mall like Crossgates mall. School district is very good but I think overrated . Taxes is ridiculous. We are not in Downtown NY.
Niskayuna is a great place to grow up your family and it offers great schools for your young ones. However, the taxes are high and should be revised and lowered.
A very stereotypical white, sheltered suburban community, but overall not a bad place to live or send your kids to school.
Excellent family town! My family and I recently moved to niskayuna about 7 months back from Down state NY and I couldn’t be happier here! Excellent schools! Teachers are great and schools are amazing! I love that this town is in the middle of everything in shops / outdoor activities..etc ! Perfect area to raise a family!
A nice small town that has a great public school system. Centrally located to a lot of shopping and other amenities.
I love Nisky Its a great place you know everyone or almost everyone. Lots of jobs. I used to live there but i still come down on weekends as i lived with mother right now finishing school in wells in Adirondacks. Woodlawn is the best
Lovely suburb area close enough to Albany to get some city benefits without the city traffic. It's hard to see exact where Niskayuna begins and ends but the area itself is great for those who have families with children in school. The schools are great and offer many opportunities to prepare kids for college, neighborhoods are safe. However, taxes are not cheap.
Niskayuna is a great area for young families to raise their children. The town itself lacks attractions but nearby areas have great restaurants and activities. The school district is top notch. The town is separated into New Niskayuna and Old Niskayuna based on the age of housing. Most of the town is suburban residential. More unique businesses need to take advantage of the area.
Small, suburban town near Schenectady, NY. Great school and athletics. At times the town can be boring, but often there are things in surrounding areas that can keep you busy.
Niskayuna is a very tight knit community, with a very good public school system and lots of access to surrounding landmarks and attractions.
A good place to raise kids- good public schools and a safe, family friendly environment. However, there is little diversity and people can be stuck up. Not a ton to do and not much in the way of nightlife, but you can usually find something to do if you're willing to drive a little bit.
Niskayuna is a sub heard of Schenectady. It is family friendly and safe. Most of the residents are middle class. It is near most major malls and city. It has a moderate night life. I like the schools in Niskayuna. It is in the top 10 district in NY.
It's a quiet town but a good place to raise kids. there's decent work to be found here at GE and other places. Schenectady isn't the greatest area but Niskayuna is very high-end with lots of little shops at the center of town, nice houses, and a great school district. The town center has been blossoming over the past few years, so that's a good plus.
What I most love about Niskayuna, is their education system. It was recently ranked in the top 30 by Newsweek as the best high schools in the U.S. Lovely people and good community spirit.
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Wonderful town to grow up in! Friendly people, great schools, safe and beautiful! People really care about each other here, very good community spirit!
EXPENSIVE but well worth your top dollar
Besides the child porn scandal and the huge pot growing family business that just got shut down, I generally feel safe. The town next door has a lot more crime.
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