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Short commute to Lexington with better housing prices. Family friendly. Small town feel that offers everything that bigger cities offer.
i go to school here and its pretty fun you will never get bored of it. It is an adventure you never find unless your here they also have great people here to just wait till you get here you will never want to leave I mean I didn't.
Nicholasville is a great town filled with lots of caring people. It is a great place to raise a family and for kids to grow up. Its public schools are perfect for any child who strives for success and perfection. I consider Nicholasville one of the safest places in the world because of the hard work the community puts in to make everyone feel safe and protected. Yes, Nicholasville may have some imperfections in many’s eyes but it still has one thing that many communities don’t. A heart. Nicholasville's heart includes many hard-working, caring people who would do anything for one another. Whether you are passing through Nicholasville, or just out on a nightly stroll you can see the heart it has for miles.
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I go to school in Nicholasville and commute to Lexington through Nicholasville every day. Nicholasville is a very small community, and as a result most of the residents are tight-knit and welcoming. The town could use some more funding to renovate the areas and make the businesses nicer, and more improvement could be made if residents were willing to work together to make the environment better.
Its a very nice town to live in although, it should work keeping the teens in town away from drugs. Possibly by putting something fun in the town.
Its a small town neighborhood that is quiet but nice. Very clean and well taken care of, the people in the neighborhood are nice and are always willing to help out in some way. While there isn't many stores or restaurants, there's still nice places to go to just to relax or grab a bite to eat.
I’ve lived here most of my life and love it. The people are friendly and there are a lot of options for food, shopping and schools.
Great town to live in!! I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else. Small town feel, but close enough to Lexington, KY that there are things to do and see.
I like how close Nicholasville is to everything; where I live is about equidistant from Frankfort and Lexington. I am also a big fan of Nicholasville's library, there is a makerspace, lots of space to study, and many options for everyone. I live on the outskirts, so I do not actually spend very much time in the city of Nicholasville, but I love the area I am in.
I love that I live in the country away from all the chaos. Thats about the only good thing about Nicholasville. It could be a great town, if they would stop building it up. We have a very large drug problem here, which is not being controlled at all. If you overdose, and need an ambulance, you can not be arrested for anything, nor are you required to pay for the ambulance. There needs to be consequences for that. Also, there is nothing for children to do here, except get in trouble. We had a movie theatre, which was far from anything, but they turned it into a movie tavern. When I was growing up we had a bowling alley, but that is gone now too. Instead of building dozens of subdivisions, build something for children to occupy their time, and stay off drugs and out of trouble.
Small town feeling while still being close to a bigger city with plenty of things to do. A few grocery stores in the area allow for variety and affordability for most everyone. Quick commute time to Lexington.
All in all, Nicholasville is a very nice place. In the twelve years I've lived here, shootings and heinous crimes have been scarce. However, the amount of school fights (especially high school) lately has been harrowing.
I've lived here since I was two. I still currently live in nicholasville. It was a nice town to be raised in. It used to be a small little country town but in the past 10 years it has grown tremendously.
Nicholasville is an amazing little town. I love the country views. It can be beautiful here. The rise in drugs around town is the only thing I would want to change!
Nicholasville is a fabulous town to live in. It is a little country town that has grown into a suburb of Lexington but still has the ambience of a country town. What I don't like is that it is so close to Lexington.
It's a smaller city in Lexington but still a lot to do here. It's a nice little city close to Lexington
I love my little town of Nicholasville Kentucky. I would like to see the City take better care of the roads and older buildings since they are part of our history. It is growing but still has that small town feel.
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This is so inaccurate, not sure how not many this year but I know of at least one murder of a teenage boy who wa hot and killed over drugs. Besides that, this town is swarmed with drugs so bad needles are found almost anywhere. There's overdoses left and right and not to mention theft, burglary, the list goes on. Would never move back here because it only gets worse.
Nicholasville is a nice town and close to Lexington. I think it is a great town to raise a family in but the drug rate is high in some parts.
I love the city of Nicholasville, it has that small town feel. It is a very safe community, not a very high crime rate. Everything you want or need you can get here. They have great schools and beautiful public parks. The only bad thing I can say about my city is there is no institutes for higher learning here and there is no public transportation system readily available. It is the kind of place to raise a family or spend your golden years. Just a small town where everyone knows your name.
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