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Overall I think Newtown is an amazing place to grow up. There is an amazing school system and we are a very tight-knit community. Going through a tragedy like we did has made us so united and unbreakable. There are beautiful schools, community centers and fields here that are perfect for raising a family. This is a beautiful town and I am proud to call it home!
I loved growing up in Newtown! I lived in Newtown since I was in kindergarten. I loved my experience going through the school systems. I thought they did an extremely good job preparing me for college and giving me life skills that I will use forever.
Family friendly neighborhood. Public schools are excellent. However, taxes in Connecticut are very high.
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Small town atmosphere, large town population, everyone knows everyone. Happy place to live, though expensive and not much to do in town. Nearby theaters, close to New york
Newtown is a great place to raise your children. Beautiful countryside and good schools. People care about each other here in Newtown.
It takes a while to get to know the people, but they are very compassionate and down to earth. The town is a mixture of incomes and backgrounds, although not much ethnic diversity. A great place to raise a family!
Newtown is one of the largest towns in the state with a small town feel. I've lived here nearly my whole life and can't imagine living anywhere else.
Newtown has been my home since I was born. I have grown up here, and this town will always be my home no matter how far away I am. The people are generally very friendly, but you can't escape that group of petty girls no matter where you go. Overall, Newtown has been a very nice town to live in. I would say it is very safe, and has only gotten safer with time.
It is going to be hard to part with this part of my life, but as I grow up, I have to move on to bigger things. Going to college is going to be a huge transition, and I'm very excited about that, but no where can ever replace Newtown. My first home.
Nice people, great food. Lots of nature. Great dog park. Excellent school system. Grew up in Newtown would never change.
I love the community in Newtown. Mostly friendly people who are welcoming and love helping others. Public school systems are fantastic, but there is not much to do in the town. If you are unable to drive, you will find yourself feeling very trapped. Regardless, Newtown is a great place to grow up and raise kids!
Newtown is a great place to raise children. Although there is not much to do, and even fast food is outlawed! Once you grow out of the local parks, if you don't play a sport you will find your afternoons empty.
People care in Newtown. There are a lot of programs in place in the community to combat bullying and encourage peace.
Newtown is a great community full of wonderful people. The school system is strong and although cost of living is higher, if you can afford it I would highly recommend living here.
The town has recently stepped up the game when it comes to safety. After the Sandyhook shooting in our town, very many new and necessary safety protocols have been put into place and the town feels more safe. we have a new firehouse and ambulance bay and the police station is right in the center of town making it accessible for everyone. This town feels safe and crime has never been an issue here.
Newtown is a great place to live. We have plenty of local parks and local restaurants. This town is very family friendly and overall welcoming. There is always new development but the town has strict restrictions on commercial development so the town keeps its core values in place.
If you can afford property and related taxes, it is a really nice place to live.
After a recent school shooting school safety has gone up in town.
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My community is a great place to raise children. The education system is great and the suburban atmosphere allows children to explore the great outdoors.
Police are very visible in our town.
Despite the tragedy that occurred in our town, it is a wonderful place to live and raise children.
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