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Newton Township Reviews

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In a rural area. Not much city life around.
It is a small town, so many job opportunities are part time. Even so, you have at least three or four different towns around you within a decent driving distance. You are also approximately an hour away from both Boone and Charlotte, which also hold good employment opportunities.
The weather is great around the area. There aren't any natural disasters.
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There are many different fast food restaurants or grocery stores.
There are a lot of people who get up early in the mornings and run around the neighborhood.
They are a lot of different variety food stores in the area.
Most of the jobs around the area are fast food jobs or convenient store jobs.
Great food in the area. Even better is available in the larger cities nearby.
Minimal crime is present, yet exists.
We have a local mall, other shops, outlet stores nearby, etc.
The market is gradually improving, but overall economy remains poor in this area.
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