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I love Newton, I am 32 yrs old and was born and raised here. It's a small town, but not too small. Over the years Newton has been expanding. We continue to have new restaurants, stores, ect. The schools are fairly nice. There are things I'd like to change... #1 THE TRAINS!!!! I mean Newton is known for trains, we are called The Railers after all. I just wish there would be additional ways to get through town that didn't require you to be stopped by a train 75% of the time. You could always jump on the highway, but sometimes it takes you clear out of your way. Otherwise I just wish there was less crime, drugs, ect as do I with any other town/city.
It is a great town to raise a family. Very safe and there are many places for family activities at the YMCA and Recreation Center as well as the Newton Public Library. There are many churches in the area which set the tone for community and care. The only thing the town is missing is more of a night life and activities for young adults and college students.
I am new to Newton, but I have lived in many places including big cities and small towns. I really like the friendliness of the people here and the small town, farming community. Newton has a lot of activities, especially family-friendly activities all throughout the year. I really like how the city tries to keep the community together. The only things that I don't like about are that there are a lot of rundown, trashy homes and people who look like they are on drugs. And I'm not sure where all of the tax money goes, but the city does not seem to upgrade community facilities very well. The library really needs to be upgraded as does the pool and some of the areas in town could use an uplift. Overall, seems like a nice place to raise a family.
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Newton is a smaller to average sized town with a rich diversity in Hispanic culture. There is also a big variety of religions and churches. It lacks, however, nightlife and overall things to do.
I like Newton because it is not a small town, but it isn't a huge city either, it is the heart of the Midwest. I love the area. It is nice that it is close to the Wichita metro area, & people can commute to their jobs if they need to go outside of Newton
The areas I would like to see changed are that the town has a lot of racism, despite the diversity here. The other thing I would change is the attitude of the police department. They add into the racism which they should be fighting for equality amongst diversity.
Overall though Newton is a very nice place to live. I like the picturesque scenery in this area. Yes, it is flat & very few trees, but there is nothing like driving on country roads between the wheat fields & watching the wind blow through the wheat. It looks like a ruffling blanket. The sky has such beautiful sunsets, full of shades & you can see for miles. If you watch, you can always catch one because there is nothing to block your view
Being a student in high school in Newton, KS, I feel like our school system is not up to par. They are not equipped to handle the students who accelerate in their academics. The public schools could definitely be improved. Also, over the past few years, I feel as if Newton has become more public towards of all the crime that takes place in this small town. This, I think, puts the safety of the residents of Newton in jeopardy.
Newton is a great size. Not so small that you know everybody's business but small enough to make connections when you are running errands. There are 4 grocery stores and decent options for eating out.
Newton is a wonderful hometown to be raised in. It is the perfect size- small enough to have a close knit community but big enough to always be able to meet new people and have new experiences. The one thing I would change is the lack of things to do in town, really you can just go out to eat. Even with that, it gives more of a push to find things to do. Newton is also 30 minutes away from a big city so anything you could need that's not in Newton can be found there.
Here I have met some of the most caring and kind people who I know will be with me for the rest of my life.
I enjoy the size of Newton very much; it is large enough to find many opportunities for work, yet small enough to recognize people in the grocery store. The town largely supports Newton High School and many of the small businesses within the town. This would be a great town to grow a family.
I currently reside in Newton. This town used to be a safe place to live, but there has been a lot going on here lately that would make a person think otherwise.
Its a quiet town, good for raising kids. I would just like to see less meth problems here but I guess that is everywhere
I am a current resident of Newton, KS and have been since birth. I love the community and the people are friendly here as well. My favorite part of Newton is the support the community gives to the high school athletic programs. Everyone is involved at games and there is always a fan section no matter what event. Another great thing about Newton are the small town shops, they give off a fantastic vibe to visitors and offer one of a kind items.
I was from a big city in CA. I moved to this small town 10 years ago. This town has given me so much. I married the love of my life, have a little family of my own, went to college, have a wonderful job, and I own the home I live in.
Perfect size, everything you need withing walking distance. High drug problem, but a dedicated police force.
Great place to live. Would love to see more magnet/charter schools. Expect to wait on trains when crossing town each way every 20-40 mins.
I love what the college brings to the community. Great music concerts available. Many people a retired teachers.
Newton is a friendly, medium sized town along the way to Wichita. There are many places of entertainment and various options for restaurant food. The locals are friendly enough to make Newton a nice place to visit.
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I would like things to stay open later then 5pm and find a different train route so you are not having to wait 30 minutes for the train to go through down town...over all its a nice place to live, not to big and not to small
I love that Newton is family friendly, there are a lot of parks for the children to play at and the rec center has a lot of activities. I don't like the drugs that are in this town and how some of the cops and city workers feel they are above the law. The water bills are outrageous and need to be taken care of.
Newton is not a bad city to live in, but it is not great either. The cost of renting a house or apartment is ridiculous, especially if you are a student with limited funding. Nightlife here is practically non-existent. There's lots of good places to eat.
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