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I've lived here for 38 years and enjoy being surrounded by history beaches and near two theme parks and businesses
This place is clean and calm. Not much going on. I wish there were more international food and entertainment options.
I love this city as this is where I grew up. However, this is a place of pain for me and my family. My father left us about 2 years ago, leaving my mother to raise my little brother and I. He was the main financial supporter in our little family and this left my mom struggling. I am going to Virginia Commonwealth University to become a Physician. I will not depend on a man the way we did before. This is my life and I will control it.
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Depending on which part of Newport News you live in it’s not all that bad. It could use a few more attractions because most places restaurant based are like an hour away. That is at least for the restaurants I want to go to. Another thing is better stores in the mall.
Newport News, VA has a larger population, with many surrounding cities with close proximity to beaches, shops, and entertainment. This city has an overall average safety rating, with certain parts of the city that are known for frequent crime.
I enjoy all the things my family and I do together in the city of Newport News. We enjoy going skating, going out to eat, walking at the park with our new puppy named Bentley, and going to the movies. If your looking for a city to live for a active family, this is the place to be. The only thing I would change is to make the teens to stop with the nonsense. Its causing the businesses to close or only allow teens in with an adult.
Because I have lived here for about 35 years, give or take, I have gotten used to the way the people are here in this city. It is extremely different than most other places I’ve been. People that come in town to visit, seem to think that this city is just crazy; you’d think that they were in like New York or something.
You are within 30 minutes of Virginia Beach and 2 hours from the mountains so it is easy to enjoy both areas of nature.
Newport News is a great place to live with many locally owned restaurants offering a wide variety of foods. Very close to Historic Williamsburg and other entertainment centers, Newport News is an affordable option for anyone wanting to experience city life in a more laid back area.
I believe the city is good and bad in some areas. I do believe that we are safe in some areas and not so safe in other areas. I also believe the job opportunities re great. NASA, Military, Jefferson Lab, etc., are great opportunities and places to work at. Education is alright, we have opportunities, but not as much as I like, and overall, I believe newport news is an overall decent city to live in.
My family is a military family, so we've moved around to different states and different cities. I have lived in Newport News for a handful of years, but I have loved every day I've spent in this city. It's rich in character and diversity. The weather is always pleasant. The summers aren't too hot, and the winters aren't too cold. I love all the small businesses in my area; some of my favorite restaurants are locally owned and operated in the city. However, I think my favorite part about living here is by far the people. The people here are nice and friendly in a sincere way. Everyone cares for one another, and out of all the places I've lived, I haven't seen anything quite like it. I have lived in two different countries, five different states, and nine different cities but this is the only place I would call home.
Its a great place to live where communities thrive and people unite! Families are very diverse and its home to our military for a lot of people.
I like the area I live in (Hilton Village) for it's close community and proximity to other things to do, but overall Newport News is an awkward city and there's not a lot going on. It's very long and skinny (we really only have two main roads, and they run the whole peninsula) and downtown is really far away from a lot of the city! This can also be an issue with schools; I know kids who have an hour, two hour long bus ride. If you're considering moving here for a job opportunity, don't just look at any house within city limits; look for a house that's actually close to your job. Newport News is not walk-able and does not have good public transport, but considering Hampton Road's typical traffic, we don't have it too bad if you have a car. And, while it's not really a "hip" city, we're nearby a lot of tourist attractions, have great healthcare options, and you will be moderately comfortable here no matter your politics. I've lived here my whole life, and I'm happy with it.
I like how everything is close by where i live i can get just about anywhere in 30 minutes. Lots of opportunists would live in again.
Love the many beaches, hard to get around the cities with traffic and limited access for crossing water ways.
What I like about Newport News is they build new stores almost each year that are convenient and is essential to the Virginia residents. I would like to see more jobs with better pay and lower rent apartments.
Newport News has a nickname which is bad news. It has gotten so dangerous over the years. I would recommend that you stay in the house at night time because people love to shoot nowadays. But other then that Newport News has a few good attractions.
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Newport News has a variety of neighborhoods I would say. There is a private and rather small university, Christopher Newport, right in the center with some surrounding shops and places to eat. You are not far from the water, James River, which is great for the boating community. Virginia Beach is not far either which is great for shopping and entertainment. That being said in NN you are in the right in the hub of a lot so you can access many different cities quickly. The downside would be that you most likely have to cross a bridge and go through a tunnel to get to a majority of places outside of Williamsburg. Bridge and tunnel traffic can be and typically is a nightmare. It really depends on the time of the day but in the summer if you want to go to VA beach on the weekend that normal 45 minute drive will take you about an hour and half minimum. It is pretty being close to the water. There is a "downtown" NN but it's not all that nice for shopping/browsing the city.
It Is a Nice Area. It could definitely use some love on the roads. We found some really good food locations and some nice neighborhoods. Our overall experience was okay but it could have been better.
I like it. It is a tourist area so there are times when its a little over crowded. There are many parks and museums to check out when they are open. I really like the Noland trail and the CNU campus area.
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