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Excellent School system. A very friendly community with lots of diversity. Great place to live for commuting into the surrounding cities. Newington has a lot to offer and is very affordable to live here.
There are plenty of things to do and places to eat. The schools are good and you can make lots of friends. The people here are really nice once you get to know them. The houses and apartments are really nice but kind of expensive, and the neighborhood is very safe.
Newington is overall a good town to live in. There are plenty of activities to do such as hiking and biking. It is a great place for families to live as there are many beautiful parks to visit. There are various local restaurants in the area worth visiting as well. The community is closely knit and welcoming.
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Newington is a great place to live, it's really quiet but it has easy access to anywhere you want to go! There are a lot of food joints in Newington, especially in the town center which has a quaint kind of charm to it. The people here are pretty normal and overall it is just like any small, quiet, suburban town to live in.
I think this town is incredible! There is plenty to do and the town is very safe. I feel like the community is close together and there are always opportunities for jobs, service, and education.
I like living in Newington because it is close to all major highways and has a lot of stores near by. Very quiet town and family orientated with multiple sports for the children to play.
Newington is a great town to live in. I've been a resident here for 17 years and have enjoyed my time here. The schools are great, most people are super friendly, and you aren't too far from bigger cities like Hartford, so there isn't a shortage of job opportunities. Honestly, it's really a great place to grow up, but it's a bit expensive.
I like the safe family atmosphere it affords and how the town provides fun events frequently. The summer extravaganza is by far my favorite. The high school provides a diverse number of opportunities for me to learn, grow and experience,
Local farm to table to eat, fiarme stand in the summer. Lots of big name stores like Stop and Shop, Price Chopper as well as smaller ones like Best Market and Stew Lenard’s for groceries. Great park and police station. Library is well kept with great workers. Community is very involved. Music nights in the park and 4th of July fireworks at the middle to end of July. Easy commute to 91 and NYC.
What I like best about Newington, is everything you need is within very close proximity, super markets, dental offices, work, school, etc. Small town, plenty of good restaurants, lots of fields for recreational activities. However, poor nightlife, not many evening activities for teenagers. The Newington Public Schools system is very good, however the disciple in the high school can be improved.
Newington, CT is a great, small little town close to Hartford. It's the type of town where people tend to move on from after completing high school, because there isn't much opportunity for career growth in the area. Personally, I moved on to a work opportunity in Hartford, and the commute from Newington is not bad at all.

The downtown area is small with a few different outstanding services businesses and restaurants. There are a few construction areas with new buildings being built and newly opened coffee shops like Starbucks next to convenient one stop shop super markets and gas stations.

Great place to raise a family in a nice, quiet suburb like Newington.
What I like about Newington is that it is a very friendly and safe community. The housing in Newington is very affordable to most people and there are plenty of available jobs here. There are many restaurants and diners very close by that serve all kinds of food. The public schooling offers very good education too in Newington.
I enjoy that Newington is a very family friendly, small town. Aside from it's great school system, this town has alot of activities unique to the area. As a former resident of Newington, I am a firm believer than this is a perfect town to move to if you're either a first time home buyer or someone with a family looking for a nice, suburban neighborhood.
I live in the part of Newington that is very close to Rocky Hill, near the Berlin Turnpike. My neighborhood is peaceful and friendly, but I notice that apart from those walking their dogs, people don't tend to take long walks. I believe a big part of this is due to the fact that many of the nearby streets do not have sidewalks. There are many times that I myself would like to take a walk down to a nearby store or restaurant but do not feel safe having to walk on the road. However, living so close to the Berlin Turnpike has its benefits, as there are many things to do in the area and they are mostly all within a short distance.
Quiet town. Education system is excellent. Many stores and restaurants near by. Veterans Hospital is in Newington. Great doctors and dentists.
Newington is a great place to grow up, a lot of things to do around town, the town is very diverse so culturally it has great attributes, quiet for the most part, people care about the town and offer what they can to make Newington a better place to live
Newington is a small town with a good sense of community. The public school system adequately prepared me for college and I have long-lasting relationships with the educators I met during my time in high school.
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Newington is a family oriented town with friendly people and a great school system. The town focuses on children, ensuring that there are clean and safe parks for them to play in. The schools have amazing arts programs and a stellar music program. Each of the middle schools now have attached "magnet" schools that teach specialized programs, such as aerospace engineering, bio-medical, etc.
Great place to live! A few hours away from New York City and Boston. Great Parks and Recreation Department with lots of activities for children and families. Annual Extravaganza in July with rides, entertainment and fireworks display. Home of the world's smallest natural waterfall at Mill Pond Falls.
It's a great town and a lot of people know each other here. The only problem is there is a limited amount of things to do for fun here.
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