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The town of Newburgh is a unique and historical town. Downtown Newburgh runs along the Ohio River with multiple overlooks and a lock and dam. It has various town owned boutique with off the wall clothes and furniture. It has a great farmers market in the summer on Saturday mornings and ghost tours through the Fall.
i like how friendly everyone is and how everything is so close to each other but i would like to see more activities for teens and kids the movie theater is all we got.
Newburgh has a lot of affluent people living in it. It has a lot of construction going on right now which is not the greatest but is a telltale sign of improving the town. More and more, there are more businesses and house being built here.
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Newburgh I a very friendly community. There is a healthy lifestyle push in the area currently with the Warrick wellness trail and the expansion of the trail throughout the county.
I really like Newburgh. The downtown is very quaint and has a variety of places to shop. It is close to almost everything. I think Newburgh has a nice atmosphere. This place really shows a nice growing town.
Have lived here for years and it is a great town. It is not too far away from everything and there is plenty to do in the town itself.
Newburgh is a nice little town right on the Ohio River. There are great schools in the area, and it contains many beautiful views. The riverfront has a really nice walking path that goes almost all the way to Angel Mounds. There are some great local restaurants with amazing food. There is also a historical downtown with all kinds of old buildings. Overall, Newburgh is just a really special place.
Newburgh is the classic suburban town with friendly, but hardworking people. Diversity is low and people do not go out at night. Lots of stores are close by and Evansville is only a few minutes drive. Overall, a very safe place to life.
I've had a nice experience here in Newburgh Overall. I'm a huge fan on he local schools and overall is a pretty safe place to live.
I love that our new home is a nice and quiet neighborhood. We are still very close to tons of shopping. We have a lot of very cute boutiques in downtown Newburgh. We also have a very nice walking path down by the river.
I love Newburgh. I've lived here since age 4 except for my 3 years away for school. It has everything I could want in a location to raise my family.
I absolutely love Newburgh! It's the perfect-sized town and great place to raise a family. All publics schools within Newburgh are phenomenal and will leave your kids with great memories. As far as the town itself, it's rather affordable and has a home feel to it. If there was anything I did't like about Newburgh, it's the lack of community involvement and diversity.
Newburgh, Indiana is a fabulous place to live. We moved here from Canada and can't believe the affordability and space offered in Newburgh. The community we chose to live in is peaceful and friendly. We have met wonderful friends in our neighborhood. There are great restaurants not too far from our home and a golf course across the main road from where we live. We commute to work but, there is no traffic and the scenery is lovely. A plus living in Newburgh!
I like the sense of community, small town feel, and riverfront. The distance to Evansville (Newburgh is a suburb) which is a medium sized city. A few things I would like to change about Newburgh is the lack of public transportation, inaccessible recycling, and lack of fun things to do.
Living in a small, quiet town has given me an opportunity to grow up knowing as many people as possible and learn to really be myself. I am so thankful for the wonderful people in Newburgh that really represent a welcoming community filled with love and support.
It’s great town to grow up in. The high schools are safe and the people are one big community. Downtown Newburgh is beautiful to have breakfast with your friends or family
Newburgh is a quaint town. Great walking area near the Ohio river. Great restaurants. Very friendly
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Newburgh is a very neat, little town. It is well-developed with many of little shops by the river. If you have never visited it is a beautiful community.
It has a very good family atmosphere and it really does not take long to get to many places. You are close to many things and there is almost always something going on over the weekends.
Though Newburgh is a small town, it has a lot to offer! Tons of fast food restaurants, a super spirited high school, a lovely riverfront to hang out by, and many shops!
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