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I have lived in Newark for about 11 years now. From what I have experienced, Newark is what you make of it. Like any other town, Newark has its not so nice areas. Some people choose to describe Newark based on theses negative traits. However, Newark is has a communities full of wonderful people. As a student of Newark High School I am really involved. I am in the student council, honor society, and I am also on the baseball team. No matter what group I am with the people of the town are always involved. Whether it is a fundraiser, a game, or a food drive, people always want to get involved and help. It is for reasons like this why I have wonderful experiences with Newark.
It's a town that's doing its best to grow, expand, and revitalize dying areas. There's a lot to do in terms of many of the social aspects but the work that's been put in on the downtown square is a testament to the city's commitment to change.
Newark is a small, little town outside of the Ohio State capital in Columbus. I specifically live in Hanover, Ohio, which is an even smaller town inside of Newark. If you like everybody knows everybody kind of town, then this is the perfect town for you, because you can't go anywhere without people saying hi, and making a conversation with you like you are a part of each other's family.
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Newark is a small but bustling town in Ohio. It contains lots of stores, restaurants and activities that are great for all ages. There are 3 schools in Newark and sports can be found at the high school. Many of the restaurants support surrounding schools. The roads are taken care of very well, and the cities safety standards are up to date. A skate park was recently built in the downtown area of Newark and it is a popular hub for all ages.
Newark is a bit on the smaller side as far as US cities! It doesn't have an awful crime rate! Everything is well within reach as far as stores and restaurants and businesses! You still feel a sense of community here!
Its a town were you can get to know a lot of people, but a lot of run down buildings and homes that could be updated for a better purpose and the roads are horrible with big pot holes.
Newark is an alright city. As far as opportunities, like jobs and companies, Newark has quite a bit to keep people satisfied. But Newark also has a bad drug problem and a issue with the homeless. There are way too many homeless people in the city of Newark, and most of the counsel members do not want to do anything about it.
Welcoming communities. Currently working on downtown activities. Appear to be struggling with drug abuse in the city. Roads are well maintained. Parks are big and well groomed.
the newark water department are crooks, robbing the poor folks.fake deposits fake late fees, they make up whatever bill they want. someome needs to look at this scam company an shut them down....
It’s an okay town, it just needs some love and to be renovated more. Along with getting some of the drug activity out.
It has been okay, I have always wanted to travel and leave though. It is a quiet little city and could be better, not bad starting though.
My hometown. Small city and has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. Downtown has a unique charm to it that I have always liked, but there aren't a lot of good job opportunities outside of medicine and trades jobs.

There is definitely affordable housing and properties with land, but I think don't thikn
The Newark City School district still struggles and is mediocre. The Parks and Recreation is a plus for Newark. Granville is nearby which is a plus. The city streets are in bad need of repair. There are nice neighborhoods but a lot of homeowners do not take care of their property and there are a lot of real eyesores. Unfortunately the City of Newark does not enforce code or regulations. Where else besides in the Appalachian region could you park your cars and trucks in the front yard and walk your goats down the main streets and let them do their business? In Newark, that is where.
I have lived in Newark all 24 years of my life and I honestly love it. It is a small town, which makes it easy to find everything, and almost everyone knows everyone. For the most part, people are friendly and there is always something to do. We have plenty of stores, restaurants, and entertainment. It's a great, simple little town to live in.
Its downtown events are terrific. They have the strawberry festival, carnival, Santa in the winter with the lighting of the court house, and the theater. It is growing fast.
Well I moved here from a smaller town that is out in BFE and for awhile I thought it was better but it wasn't. Job opportunity is super slim and mainly involves commuting out of the city, there really isn't nice area's inside city and the people around here are all old cranky A-holes. I graduated from the high school here and it was aweful, towards the end of my senior year the school board was using busing children to school as a means of getting more money. And every year, the income tax department finds some way to scam more money out of you, either by "correcting and charging for the correction" or simply just losing your payment, refusing to accept the confirmation code and demanding you pay it plus the late fee. Do yourself a favor, and find somewhere else to live.
Downtown is working very hard to improve. Lots of drug use which brings in unpleasant residents and reduces property values.
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It is a small town with lots developing restaurants and stores yet has the ability to live outside of the city.
I have grown up here and love it. I love the church I attend which is Shiloh Missionary Baptist and the Lord.
Newark is my hometown. I go to school here. I worship at a local catholic church. I have also worked at a local gym for a little over a year now. Newark is a great place to live and has given me many opportunity's.
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