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I love little old Newark. I was born and raised here so I pretty much know the whole town like the back of my hand.
Starting to feel overcrowded. I've been noticing more cars driving recklessly and ignore basic road rules on busier times of the day (when everyone gets out of work). Other than that it's a nice quiet area. I don't know why there is a high rating for nightlife since most places close at 10p...not a bad thing. The only things open after that are fast food places.
Newark is a quiet city to live in. I believe that more community events would bring people closer together.
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Newark is a little gem in the heart of the Bay Area. It’s a sweet and quite town that can have an exciting adventure on special nights. Get to know the people to find out about all the little hot spots that go right over everyone’s heads.
It is a small city where most people know of each other. However it is a little run down, but still a sense of community.
Great location for commuters to SFO, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose.
Great places to eat, Good parks, Shopping malls, Sports club around. Ideal location to raise young kids.
I think Newark is a lovely town to live in. It dosent have a lot of things to do for fun but, the area around it is full of fun things!
An enclave of Fremont, this is just a gem of a city, getting better and smarter everyday. The transit-oriented-development, now called Bayside Newark, around the Thornton-Willow area is an amazing plan by the city (special shoutout to development director Terrence Grindall). This new community has easy access to companies like Facebook in Menlo Park and Mountain View just across the Dumbarton bridge. Overall, Newark is an amazing place to raise a family and lead a peaceful life, thanks to the efficient police force, the bird sanctuary and walking trails, the upcoming Newpark Mall with an great movie theater, incredible food places covering several cuisines, shops and activity centers. Newark, CA just rocks!
This is my hometown. Super cute, convenient and love it. Once you get to know it inside and out, it is really hard to leave. Expense rent as a student or someone not in a high paying career but will always have love.
It’s near Fremont, and not too far from San Francisco! There are many places to shop and eat. Newark also has very good Pupusas. The people in Newark are friendly, and welcoming. The police are always patrolling, so you always feel safe. It’s a nice city to live in.
It's your average suburban town with a taco bell on every corner. I enjoy the events that are sometimes held such as Newark Days and the concerts in shirley sisk grove. It really brings the community together.
Small town with big heart. Close to Facebook headquarters and major highways. Close enough to big cities while keeping to the small quite town atmosphere.
This place is overall a great place to live! There are many places local to shop and get groceries as well as many parks to relax in. It is a small town but is fast growing! The one downside would be the housing market, being so close to Silicon Valley makes it almost impossible to afford living here unless you make a LOT of money, so watch for that!
Making up part of the tri-city area, Newark is a smaller town abiet still large enough to carve its own culture. This city is in a key area for commutters and quiet overall. The city has many things to improve on but as a resident, it has been an overall positive experience.
Pretty, not too busy and not too quiet. Conveniently next to silicon valley and across from the other side of the bay!
Newark is a small suburb geographically(only 13 square miles) but it's starting to feel much bigger due to the congested streets. The population is under 50,000, but sometimes you wouldn't know it driving around. They are building more high density housing but the streets are having a hard time handling it. Newark has the mall, and some good places to eat. The schools are average. Crime is here but it's not too bad.
Newark has Newpark Mall, Ohlone College, and a nice variety of restaurants. It's not exactly an exciting place but for a smaller suburb it's decent. More housing is being built, which will inevitably lead to congested streets. Actually, I've noticed the crowding the last couple of years. I hope it doesn't get overbuilt. All in all, I'd rate Newark a solid B.
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Newark is a small quiet town but is slowly growing and expanding. Newark is located about thirty minutes away from San Francisco depending on traffic and is only a short distance to Palo Alto and silicon valley. New homes are being built on a regular basis. Along with this, new parks and elementary schools are being built. The Newpark Mall, in the heart of Newark, was recently renovated with a new modern look and an out door dining area. The teachers at the schools completely invest in their students and provide them with proper guidance and knowledge. The athletic department of the schools are top notch.
I have lived in Newark for 35 years....It was country like when we moved here,,,now we have Amazon, FB is just across the bridge...but still have open undeveloped areas. We have the wildlife Refuge and Coyote Hills.
I like the people in Newark California because they are so friendly. I also like the food places to go in Newark. Newark is a nice place to live.
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