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New York City has so many opportunities to meet different people and experience different places.New York is very diverse and welcomes all. You are given the freedom and space to pursue your passions which can be a little overwhelming since there are a lot of opportunities but you will be driven to accomplish your goals because everyone is always doing something.You won't be the only one chasing your dreams.
If you can make it here you can make it anywhere! NYC is the best place to start your career, especially if you want to make lateral movements quickly. I'd say that amount of outdoor time you can spend is underestimated as well, New York is a very active city, with so many parks available for running and cycling.
I have been in New York since the day I was born and overall New York is a amazing place to live. Being the city that never sleeps the lights and sirens are a need to fall asleep. Honestly New York may be known as being a very rude city but living and being raised here is a different story its a defense mechanism that has grown into our culture. The diversity in the city is just amazing being able to have so many people in one place being to connect doesn't happen in other cities making New York unique.
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It's extremely expensive. But it's got the best-connected public transportation system of any major urban area in the U.S. that I've lived in, and it's arguably the epicenter of the country.
I love New York City. It is just amazing to live here. There are so many places to visit like Times Square, the statute of liberty... so many good restaurant with variety of tastes. It is so easy to commute
Affordability would be a key aspect that could be improved. This is closed tied to the real estate market, which is very rough.
New York is for hustlers. While life in the city isn't easy, it is my purest form of joy. Diversity in every sense (every walk of life, every type of food, all hours of the day) broadens your horizons, while making the world at large feel a little more accessible. It's the capital of the modern world for good reason.
great if you make a lot of money. Not a city for middle or lower class. lots of job opportunities. streets are absolutely filthy and always covered in trash.
I love the diversity, culture, and all around excitement that the city holds. I feel so excited when I get to go to museums and then back on the subway and to a way and a restaurant like a real New Yorker.
Has everything but cleanliness and tranquility. Its a place to be as it has everything you would want except cheap rent prices.
I love New York City because it has diversity in its people, opportunities and cultures. Each neighborhood has something different to offer and even though I have lived here my whole life, there is always something new to discover!
Manhattan is a wonderful place to visit although it can get very crowded. There is a lot of places to visit but it can get very pricey.
Growing up in New York City has been a roller coaster of emotions. No day is the same. The diversity of the city is incredible. The cultures, the fashion, the Friends of mine that live in the suburbs have to wait to get their licenses and drive everywhere. I have the pleasure of having the freedom of being able to go virtually wherever, whenever. I am more independent, level headed, and aware of my surroundings. This city has taught me to listen to my gut instinct and just follow the path that is life because you never know whats going to happen.
I love New York and all it has to offer. There is diversity in everything, food, architecture, every aspect of every person you meet. There is so much to do and see no matter where you are or who you are with.
I have lived in New York City my whole life and I love it. All of the boroughs are interconnected by the subway and bus system so it is easy to travel all around the city without a car. There are so many restaurants, cafes, malls, clubs, parks, bars,etc to go to so you can never truly be bored in the city. It is also extremely diverse so you are likely to find community of people you belong too. However the downside of New York City is that rent and housing prices are extremely high and are not that spacious.
I like the different neighborhoods, however I wish there was more local events that gather many people together.
Many job opportunities, and nice restaurants. The subway and public transportation needs a lot of improvement. There are often delays which make students and employees late.
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I travelled to New York in transit for two days while on my way to my home state, South Dakota. My thoughts of New York City are that it was smaller than it was. I felt that there was a local atmosphere of people who live work and frequent the same places. I liked New Yorkers but guess what? I felt cheated by the movies of slum.... Maybe because I didn't see the right places. The food tasted great, the service friendly, and the streets were relatively clean. I wondered where all of the strange outcasts and local strange people were. The ones I thought Jim Jarmusch must have studied while going to school. I must have stranded in the wrong area, or maybe Hilary did a good job in making the city easier for the poor. I am reserving judgement until the days where I get to live there.
You are able to almost always find anything to do, whether that is going out to eat, the movies, blowing, NYC has it.
Amazing city. Always something to do and something to see. Truly lives up to its title of being the city that never sleeps.
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