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What an awful place and everyday it gets worse and worse. I feel so unsafe walking the streets of main street especially. Creepy men, drug addicts, gangs and homeless people are everywhere and many are afraid to walk. New Ro is already over populated in schools especially, and now they are building a countless number of newer buildings for families to move into whoch means more kids in schools!!!! The schools here aren't worth it and rent is very over priced for what you get.
I like the diversity in New Rochelle. Generally, people are nice and friendly. New Rochelle also has a diverse selection of restaurants with great food!
New Rochelle is a wonderful place to live, I enjoy the city but suburban feeling, I also really love the diversity throughout the town. The only reason I am giving them a 4 star rating is because of all the new construction they're doing, and the living is a bit expensive especially if your moving from somewhere much c cheaper. Taxes are also high.
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New Rochelle is a welcoming and diverse community. It has the feel of a big city and a small town. Its schools are great and give students an immense amount of opportunities. It has a beautiful northern suburban community and also a bustling downtown. New Rochelle is a city of pride and anyone that lives here has the feeling of "New Ro Forever".
New Rochelle is a great place to live, its very quite and the crime rate is low. However there is no night life here, the restaurants close at 10 pm even on weekends. So if you want to have a night out, you have to venture into Manhattan, NY.
I love the amount of diversity that is in New Rochelle. In New Rochelle you will see that there are many people that have very different cultures all coming together as one community.
New Rochelle's racially and socioeconomically diverse community provides an ideal living and learning environment for young families.
New Rochelle is a nice, quiet town with a diverse group of people who mind their business and carry on their merry way.
I love New Rochelle for its diversity, progressiveness, and close-knit community. The public areas are clean, there is an array selection of restaurants and grocery stores, and someone is always willing to help you out. Commuting around the city is fairly easy and parking does not seem to be an issue in the more populated areas.
I have lived in New Rochelle all my life and I have never looked down on my city. New Rochelle is always growing and is constantly having things added to it to make it an even better community. The diversity within New Rochelle has always made it an even better place to live. Being able to drive through the community and see beautiful sceneries such as lakes and being able to walk through trails that bring you throughout the city is a plus that I enjoy to take advantage of. The school system within New Rochelle is great. They provide so many opportunities to become involved within the community. Sports is a really big thing as well which I can relate to since I am on the team. There is always something to when living in New Rochelle. From having holiday parades to hosting events at public places within the city, New Rochelle is a great place to settle down in which is why I have never left i my city.
Moving from Queens to New Rochelle was definitely a different experience and while at first it was touch being a city girl in a suburb, years later I have adapted and I love this town. So much so that I would love to raise a family here, I went to high school here and thanks to this town and the people in this school I graduated high school.
New Rochelle is a very quiet and safe neighborhood. I think that they can open stores longer than 10 though. but I still do like it here though. I would recommend people to come and study here.
I like the neighborhoods, they are very diverse. There is a lot of shopping and restaurants. Crime can be an issue in the summer.
We moved up from Brooklyn to New Rochelle 8 years ago and it was the best move we could have made. New Rochelle is beautifully diverse both ethnically and socioeconomically and the home values are better than in any neighboring town. We have been more than happy with the elementary school we are zoned for and we hear that the middle school is even better. A+ for New RO!
New Rochelle is a beautiful community with many places that one can explore. There's a wide range of restaurants in New Rochelle allowing one to be exposed to an array of cultures and customs. Moreover, there is plenty of places in which one could hang out and enjoy the community such as New Roch and Glenn Island. Despite the diversity in the town there still a feeling of segregation between the rich and the poor, as well the stigma created around those living in poorer parts of the community. Overall, New Rochelle is an amazing place to live, if you can afford it, and anyone that lives here wants to pass down the homey feeling to future generations.
I like the diversity of new Rochelle. Surrounding yourself with a wide range of individuals truly creates an engaging and interesting learning experience. I don't like the lack of activities, stores or restaurants in downtown.
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It would be nice if there was thing to do other than new roc city. for the older crowd it would be nice to have some type of night life.
Crimes unreported. CROOKED AUTHORITIES. Reports ignored/corrupted by cops. NO TRANSPARENCY. Covering things up. BWARE INVESTORS! Iona College- INCOMPETENT!! IonaC students harass neighbors, vandalize properties, hav loud parties&public drunkenness, get away w/ assault by using FALSE testimonies&encouraged by police, etc. No privacy. If U rent, neighbors outside ur door smoking& eavesdropping. Congested roads. High teen car accidents. Deaths& poor health R high. Tons of money wasted on Public Relations. Get assaulted & cops laugh. High assault rates. 2MANY STABBINGS. Unexpected/ early deaths, teens dying or permanently damaged by major accidents, etc. NO PEACE OF MIND. Complaints ignored by authorities who harass U for doing it- they stalk &make ur life miserable. BRIBERY by institutions. UNADULTERATED HELL. Town's CURSED. Negative vibes. CROOKED. Property values go down. Ppl living in FEAR. Cheap fame comes at a price. Expose your LIES, New Ro! Highly DISHONEST.
I’ve lived in New Rochelle for over 30 years and have seen many changes. The real estate market is booming with the creation of several luxury apartments. The downside is there is no additional parking. People, like me, with private houses have to fight for spots on the street in front of our own home. Taxes are extremely high for private homeowners. The massive new structures take away from the small town feel that drew me here in the 1st place.
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