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Small town feel with almost everything you'd need. Friendly place and typically quiet at night. Nice parks and trails system.
New Richmond is a very close community with very supportive community members. However, it is fairly small with not many events happening.
I like the education system in New Richmond as well as the parks and walking trails. It is nice to have good schools with quality teachers as well as a good bus system. It is nice to have a college that is so close as well, since both my husband and I have taken classes there. A downside is the cost of living in this town. The housing market is very high, and the cost of rent is also extremely high. We enjoy our lives and enjoy living in this town. Another perk is having the options for so many grocery stores.
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I love the city of New Richmond because of the lifelong friends I have made while being a part of this community. As I'm preparing to leave for college, including leaving my home and living on my own, I know I have been taught lessons that will last a lifetime.
The HighSchool is amazing! Really nice teacher and personal administration.
Jobs are plentafull, but if your looking for a night on the town New Richmond is an old school town.
I have been a resident of New Richmond, WI for my entire life. I have seen the building of the new high school, new neighborhoods, new restaurants, and more. Although I live in Star Prairie, a small town 15 minutes from NR, I have grown up in The City Beautiful.
I grew up in the country right outside the town of New Richmond and the land is beautiful. The town has a small town feel but is also growing very fast. It could use some more restaurants and shopping to make it better.
Close to it all and yet far enough away to have privacy. Friendly people that are easy to get to know. Lots of activities offered in the community and plenty to do around the area. Safe neighborhood and innovative people. Driving roads are well maintained and you can feel safe driving. New school and fun places in town. Lots of younger families and affordable living.
New Richmond has a wide variety of living communities. The area is beautiful, boasting several lovely parks, several with play equipment and basketball or tennis courts. They also have a lake for fishing, boating and swimming. It is a peaceful community where you always feel welcome. There are major businesses here and quaint local shops as well making this a desireable and attractive town. There are so many sports options here. There are many bike and walking paths along a creek, and many deer wander through the community as well. They also offercommunity education and wonderful schools. The teachers care about their students and provide a nurturing and caring environment for children. There is a community college. This community cares about each other - small enough to know one another, and large enough to provide all that you could need.
It's a pretty cool town to live in. Very friendly people. Small town atmosphere that is close to the twin cities.
New Richmond offers good grocery shopping, diversity in dining a cute theater and a quality large movie theater plus awesome schools
New Richmond is an average town that's growing. Their new high school is great and I feel like it is a great place and environment to be in.
Very small town with very little to do. Full of kind, very conservative people. 100% midwest small town.
Crime seems to be at a plateau, not better or worse.
I'm a student at the local high school and the town suits the high school well enough for me to not absolutely hate it here. My parents plan on moving down south once I graduate but i'm sure this would be a great town for them to stay in if they chose to.
Ace/Farm and Home.. They cover all the needs of the community and have EXCELLENT customer service!!!
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