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There isn't a lot of noise. It is very peaceful and calm.
Great safety in the area. Never had any problems or safety issue concerns. There is some local crimes but nothing has really happened in my neighborhood.
I love the area where I am. There are a lot of things in the area to do that are just a short drive away. There are good stores and companies around; the local stores really appreciate their customers. People from young to old can enjoy some stores, restaurants, and activities around the area. Generally, people are friendly, but at times can be exclusive in the neighborhood due to home owner associations.
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The atmosphere is generally upbeat, being in Wake County. Most people are more progressive, though unfortunately Pat McCrory was elected. I do not approve of his political views, especially those on fracking. I would chose to live here again, because it is a growing area. The education is not as good as it could be, but I think I have done well with the magnet program. There are lots of job opportunities and lots to do. I think it is one of the best places to live, although maybe not as nice as Colorado, California, or Virginia. I think the future of the area should be good as long as the government puts more money towards education and the environment. It is already a tech center, with research triangle park.
It's a great place to live and raise a family, but I don't think I would want to retire here.
The nature is absolutely beautiful, and you can always find something to do in the outdoors. The outdoors can be enjoyed all year long because of the pleasantly manageable seasons.
Crime is close to nonexistent and police can be seen on the roads daily. It's a very safe area, which contributes to the abundance of young families.
The emergency responders could be quicker to the scene, especially in rural areas.
The area is known as part of the Research Triangle so there are a ton of high-paying salary jobs. If you aren't educated r qualified for those types of jobs, you can usually find something in retail or the restaurant business.
We have four distinct seasons, but don't suffer from the extremities that winter and summer might bring in other areas. Fall and spring are pleasant, and throughout the year, one can gaze at a always Carolina blue sky.
Good food for decent prices, but must drive a little ways for a more pricey experience. Burgers, sandwiches, and other classics can be found close by.
Necessity stores like Walmart and Target, but more unique stores are a little farther away.
This summer has been very pleasant because the humidity has not been to high. Regular summers in this are get incredibly hot and humid. The springs can be difficult for people with allergies because of the enormous amount of pollen. The rest of the year is splendid.
My opinion may be quite biased, because there is a fire station within a mile of my house so I consider the public services very speedy and organized.
The overall experience of my community is similar to the "average American lifestyle" where we have a good balance between interaction with other community members and working.
We have many walk ways and lakes with multiple access points. We also have an abundance of deer, birds, frogs, and blue-tailed lizards.
There are many restaurants in this area, both locally started and chain restaurants.
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Our community is great. There are many events held in this area on a regular basis that i enjoy volunteering/participating in, such as 5k races or fund raisers.
Living near the Research Triangle Park, we have many families move to this area in search for a job.
With the growing population, many houses are being built closely together in order to allow more people to move into the area. Also more houses are being built than are being bought, so some houses stay for sale for quite some time.
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