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People stay to themselves because frequent police patrol. Much drugs, alochol, and prostitution. Police keeps reports top sercret but through neighbors is heard of drug overdoses. Guys walk around asking for "work" a key word for women who are prostitues. Most people are bitter and are re-located from Wilmington (Murder Town USA). Gun shots in Minqadale, yet, overall, nobody is hurt; just much property crimes.
The community is generally very comfortable in the sense that one cam go to various shopping districts and restaurants by car without having to travel far. New Castle does have several gas stations nearby, especially in some of the shopping districts, not all of them, which makes worrying about running out of gas a non-essential problem.
Nice place to live, good place to shop, near major cities, not far from major highways. Close enough to the City of Wilmington but far enough to feel comfortable. Considering to purchase a home here. Lots of houses to choose from in safe neighborhoods.
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New Castle is a great suburb. The crime, as in prostitutes and drugs in New Castle (route 9 and route 13 area) are maybe a little more than most would like, but it's an awesome place to live. Everyone knows someone, kind of a small town feel. Roads are a little congested at times, but kind of hard to develop new roads when the property just isn't there.
New Castle includes a highly connected network of individuals in Delaware, which is comprised of both religious, racial, and political diversity. Neighborhoods are beautifully maintained to create a clean and welcoming environment and atmosphere, and many individuals have been long-term residents, which allows for friendly connections to be made. Located in the northern part of Delaware, New Castle provides easy access to many of Delaware's more populated regions including Newark and Wilmington, as well as fast-growing cities, such as Middletown. Many major roads allow for fast commutes to many of the larger cities as well, including Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Baltimore.
The city of New Castle has a few hidden gems in it , although considered to be one of the rougher cities in the state . For example , Old New Castle and Battery Park are full of rich history about the state and some of its first inhabitants . Preserved homes , court houses & churches , all now museums , bring colonial life to the present day . In fact many of the homes in the area were built in or sometime after the colonial period , or they take on that style , just with a more modern feel . Another good thing about the area is the change being brought to the community such as libraries , more police and security and better homes and roads . As far as changes that could be made , the area could definitely be cleaner and taken care of a little better , maybe more cleanup initiatives to get the community involved in taking better care of the area and also the high prostitution and drug presence could be handled better .
New Castle is small and the schools are not the greatest, but I've only had great experiences with the people here. Everyone either keeps to themselves or is pretty friendly. Although New Castle has a reputation, it is getting better everyday.
Its pretty much good in this neighbor. They have a new library and more store opening up. Its definitely a little better now. Its family friendly it for the most part calm.
I have lived in New Castle since 2004. My neighborhood is Mallard Pointe, which is deeded single family home development. The location is sometimes great because it is located between Philadelphia and Baltimore. Sometimes the traffic is excessive because it is located on the route to the Delaware Beaches. Grocery and public transportation is in walking distance.
I've lived in New castle for 4 years and I was a little hesitant at first because of how close it is to Wilmington. I must say I really love the community as a whole.
It's a great town that site just on the outskirts of major cities such as Philadelphia and Baltimore. It's a great middle ground to build.
New Castle is a decent size city with good people to meet. The people are very friendly and welcoming to new neighbors. The local food market such as food loin, farmer's market, and bj's with state grown vegetables and fruits. There are also good restaurants to eat at while in-town the only down side everything or nearly everything closes before 12am.
I have been living in New Castle for almost 2 years and it has been a good experience for me. The development I live in cares a lot about the upkeep of the neighborhood and the people there are really close. This is a fairly tight knit community, which makes living here even better.
It's a nice area, not too many concerns. Stores are very local and everything is literally about 10-15 minutes away from each other. You have some nice neighborhoodsite with community parks for children, alot of different restaurantsizes like Cheeseburger Paradise, Don Pablo's, Red Lobster, Famous Dave's and a whole list more. The people I'd say for the most part are outgoing but you do have the onesame that shove by and never say excuse me. Overall I think new castle pretty cool.
I currently live in the historic district of New Castle Delaware. I have absolutely fell in love with this small, quaint town located on the banks of the Delaware river. The town offers tourist attractions, antique shopping, historic taverns and themed restaurants, and a river side park. The town holds true to it's historic roots, it was the original settlement of William Penn in 1682, and became the state capital of Delaware in the 1700's until the 1880's. Many of the original homes and town buildings still remain in use today. There are cobblestone streets, brick laid sidewalks, and historic museums. There are free concerts in the summer, guided tours year round, historic sites, and a farmers market near by. The people that live here are friendly and helpful. It is a wonderful place to visit, one of the best kept secrets in Delaware.
As far as "crime" is concerned, it is nothing serious. It is more irritating than anything. Just a bunch of rowdy teenagers (and we have a lot of them from William Penn) who like to goof off. But they way they act could easily steer them towards serious crime.
The area is beautiful and there are a lot of historical sites. There is a wonderful park against the ocean. The restaurants are delicious and the residents are mostly friendly. When younger adults (13-25) are involved, things might get a bit hairy. No serious crime, but drugs, alcohol, and general rowdiness (disturbing the peace) is common.
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This area is okay to live. There are not a lot of activities in this area.
This is a good community, close to local businesses, nature, and good people.
Restaurants are ok, nothing exceptional but decent.
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