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very rich, beautiful town, beautiful houses, top notch academics and sports. best place to raise a family or to just move to in general
I was born and raised here and i have had enough of the social pressure that i am leaving with my husband and kids. Forget the cost of housing - the mental toll it takes is not worth the price. The parents (btw most not originally from the area) are so excited to have landed in the "promise land" that they feel they are entitled. At times i have felt ashamed to admit i grew up here and my friends who stayed local feel the same way. Good schools are plentiful in CT - i was surprised to learn that this is all based on state test scores. I think the thing to be aware is the cost - the house "entry fee" is only the beginning. The lifestyle cost is staggering - ski and beach holidays, new cars, designer clothing, gym membership, etc. Check out the stats on domestic violence - there are some very sad stories behind the beautiful people, beautiful homes. I can honestly say New Canaan is not cut out for me - not the other way around.
The town of New Canaan is family friendly, pet friendly and the schools are top notch. Very competitive in sports and academics - High pressure. It is not cheap to live in New Canaan, but the town is beautiful and safe and a very special place to live.
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Terrible! Train service is always horrible! All the time cancel. for entire day! I have to force to order uber and spent 20 dollar , when i could have spent less then 10 dollar. I spoke to lyft driver who use to work in mta metro north. He told me new canaan is always worst, because mta did want to fix the railroad , but people complain about the noise and something about disrupting the character of new canaan sort of bull crap. Apparently the character of new canaan is having a crappy rail road and having god awful Infrastructure .
Best town out there, duck farien, and go rams. New Canaan is superior to all towns in CT and that is big facts.
New Canaan is a very safe and friendly environment. The area is beautiful and well cared for by the community. The town is full of shops and restaurants which is great for entertainment. The schools are known for being very good and is a main reason most people move there. Overall I had a wonderful experience living and attending school in New Canaan.
New Canaan is an amazing community driven town with things to do for everyone! The volunteer opportunities are boundless and offer ways for everyone to get involved and make everyone feel they can be a part of an amazing community. There are many family focused, elderly focused, new resident focused, child & teen focused activities and one doesn't have to look far to become involved. The schools are top notch; the public places are beautifully maintained; the library & YMCA are top notch, town parks & pool are beautiful; there are art exhibits, parades, gatherings, pop up parks, broadway like shows at the high school, amazing restaurants and shops in the walkable downtown district and truly something for everyone!
After living in NYC for 20 years we decided to check out the suburbs for more space and great schools. Once we got a tour of New Canaan Country School, we fell in love with it and its quaint town. We haven’t looked back! We feel we found a diamond in the rough at NCCS. The school and it’s teachers are caring but do an excellent job at preparing the kids for this competitive world. The kids feel safe to make mistakes, to grow and enjoy school. The school promotes a healthy partnership with the parents and it’s students. We feel grateful to be a part of the NCCS community and to live in this special town.
Posh town with public schools that aren't all too far off from private schools because everyone has money. Cozy town but lacks diversity. I love the town but only the top 1% is able to live here, which results in some positives and negatives.
Great town. New Canaan Public Schools system is considered to be one of the best in Connecticut. It has also gained national recognition for its high performance; for example, a recent edition of Forbes magazine rated New Canaan as the third-ranked school district in the United States "for home value" for communities with a median home price of about $800,000 or greater.
Honestly it is a lovely town, very safe and great environment for learning and growing but it definitely has a little bit of a snobby feel.
The schools in New Canaan are amazing! The town is perfect, as everything is close together and very welcoming. It is a great place to grow up and an even better place to start a family.
It is so good I love the public schools they are awesome! The teachers are so nice and everyone is welcoming. The only problem with new Canaan is that the diversity is extremely low and almost everyone is the same race.
I moved to New Canaan, Connecticut from Rio Rancho, New Mexico and it has been quite the rollar coaster. Despite adapting to my life here I find myself experiencing racism, sexism, and just about any other "ism" you can find. I am a hispanic female living in a town that to be blunt, doesn't want me. However, it is a beautiful town with a highly ranked school system that I am grateful to have taken part in. Many of the residence are very rich and do not understand the idea of being lower income or a minority. The average life here for a rich, white, straight, males here must be fantastic. However, for those that don't fit these criterium, there will be discrimination ad often times a resident may feel like this is not the place for them. If I could change one thing about New Canaan it would be the variety of people within it. With more exposure to different people the town will surely be more accepting and understanding of those who experience other struggles.
I've grown up in New Canaan and lived here for years, and I'm so glad that I have. I have never felt unsafe or scared in my time living here and that's something I can't take for granted.
Family oriented town with a strong sense of community. Great schools, very child oriented. The shopping district is very upscale .
An hour and 15 minute commute to NYC, top public school system, and preservation of historical New England downtown
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New Canaan is a great town for raising a family. It's schools are top notch, it offers many family friendly events and gatherings and has an array of parks.
The town itself has a pleathera of restaurants from a 50's style diner to an upscale Italian restaurant. There are sidewalks outlining town from all but one school which makes it a great, safe way for kids and families to walk to and from school and into town.
New Canaan is a picturesque small town with so many great community events, excellent public schools, convenient proximity to New York City, and awesome (if expensive) shopping. It definitely represents a suburban ideal. With that being said, it has almost no diversity and there is a lot of pressure to "fit in". To some, that aspect is motivating, but to others it can be quite stifling.
It's a really safe area to live in. There is hardly any violent crime, so police are mostly focused on catching traffic violations and underage drinking.
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