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Good town. It feels bigger than it is sometimes so I guess it’s more of a small city than at town. Getting better day by day. There’s basically two halves of NB: the downtown/college area that’s rapidly gentrifying and then the outer parts which is largely hit or miss. Overall it’s getting better and so far I’ve enjoyed being here. Wonderful people, diverse, open and tolerant, progressively moving forward.
I love this stinky town. Great music, great friends, great first place to be on my own. The only downside is that apartments are very expensive. I live with many roommates in a house.
I like the little town that it is, it has a lot of different options of activities between the campus that is on Rutgers and between the locals.
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Where I live there is alot of drugs but I understand that with my example of being a role model thus could change
New Brunswick is fine. Downtown New Brunswick is where, honestly how we hang out. There’s stores such as food shops, clothing, and others.
It’s a great community for college students because Rutgers University is the heart of New Brunswick. Downtown is beautiful with many stores you can shop at. Easton Ave is full of good food, good drinks, and good vibes. There’s so many resources in New Brunswick for the community as well.
I was born and raised in New Brunswick and my experience was overall good. The dynamics have changed drastically although we do still have certain old relics that do bring charm to New Brunswick. I do love how diverse it is mainly because we are a college town we are the town of rocker's New Brunswick and so many different cultures and backgrounds and races abide in this city. The one thing I would change in New Brunswick would be the public school system, I have a child who is in the system and there is definitely a lot of Room for much improvement.
Don’t let downtown and Easton Ave fool you into thinking it’s a nice city. It has its good and its bass. Food spots are amazing though.
I love the fact that it’s very cultured. I’m an American citizen from parents that are Mexican. Although I never visited Mexico I love the fact that almost everybody here in this town is. Therefore there are many restaurants etc that make me be involved in my Mexican culture. Everyone treats everyone like family, everyone helps one another. The one that I wish would change is for the streets like “suydam St” and “remsen ave” And “French st” to be more safe. And for the Homeless people And drug addicts that are Living on the streets there , be helped.
New Brunswick's diversity & adaptability are very unique for NJ. Living just outside the City Center for $700 a monthly rent, I'm walking distance away from such a variety of restaurants & cuisines, like Pakistani, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian, Indonesian & more. Outside of NYC, I don't think I've ever lived in an area that offered so many options so close to each other.

Choose steak & wine one night, then go do dollar shots at a college bar up the road! Walking is simple, everything within 15 minutes downtown, ride Rutgers shuttle bus for free, drive over to the next town, or take a train into Newark or NYC! I even spent $300 on an electric scooter over $150+ a month for parking garage fees & park outside the metered area & enjoy my commute just a little bit more!

I can't attest to the schools as I didn't go nor have kids. As a male, I've never felt unsafe, though while there are homeless, there are also severally non-profit shelters that help out.
I like the community. I enjoy my public school experience and find it overall very safe and a place very diverse. I would change things that allow it to be more safe and a prettier community. I enjoy the city and everything you need is at a close distance nothing is too far with a car of course. People seem happy and work common jobs and seem to manage financially.
New Brunswick is a city filled with lots of job opportunities. I really like that everyone is friendly, approachable, and it has an energy of building a community family environment. What I would like to see change is for the latino parents to be informed on how to provide educational assistants to their children from a early age.
There's a sense of community in New Brunswick. People care about the health of the community and we come together to make New Brunswick a better place for future generations. There's a variety of opportunities if someone wants be in the medical field.
New Brunswick is a town that is known for Rutgers University. Off the university, it can be considered dangerous, however, around campus has great places to eat, nightlife, affordable living options for off-campus students.
I like that New Brunswick is very diversified. Due to it being a home to one of the biggest colleges in New Jersey, many people from around the world come to this city. Especially in the streets around the college buildings, there are many people from many different racial backgrounds. What I wish was different is the fact that there is a lot of poverty in the area, with many people living in the streets that are homeless. I wish that was changed and that something was done to help these people out.
Some areas aren't the safest but very convenient if you don't have a car. Many restaurants are in walking distance and it's ideal for college students.
I Like the diversity in New Brunswick and that Rutgers University is in our town. There is a large variety of restaurants all over New Brunswick. If i were to change anything from New Brunswick I would create more fun places for kids to enjoy being in.
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New Brunswick is a very diverse area full of different cultures and worldviews. What I would like to see change is the clear divide between the University and the rest of the resident population. I would like to see the University and the rest of the community come together and work together to improve employment opportunities, health education & promotion, community events and overall increase inclusiveness on all aspects.
New Brunswick is a small city with many things to do and very near by and easy access the only thing is parking its always so crowded.
Well New Brunswick is really diverse, there are many different restaurants of varying cultures so there is always something new to try. There are many different programs and organizations that focus on bringing the community together and staying such as the State Theater Family day, Ciclovia (a day event when roads are closed so that families can come out and have fun throughtout the city on bikes or sports), or Fun Fair at the Robertwood Johnson University Hospital.
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