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New Braunfels is a great city with a very low crime rate, a multitude of amenities, and many utilities provided by the city including electricity, water, trash, and recycle.
New Braunfels is a fun town! From downtown to floating the river, there are plenty of options to have a good time.
I have lived in New Braunfels for the past 10 years. I love this town and the people who live here. There is so much history about this little German town and so many cute places downtown to visit. For anyone looking for a place to live I highly recommend New Braunfels.
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I chose New Braunfels to retire in not only is it beautiful, the people so far are courteous. That is refreshing from living in the city. I'm from a small town originally and can't wait to move in August. 2020. I'm conservative to a degree and I love Trump so I should fit right in.

I'm outgoing, courteous and lots of fun so I think you will like me.

I can't give 5 starts at this time but probably in the future.
Conservative town with not much to do but go shopping or eat. Would like more activities in the town to partake in.
I have lived here my whole life and have had a great time growing up. For me, the people have been so kind to me and have shown me nothing but love and for that I am gratefull.
I wish the city had better roads. I do like the historical aspect of the town. The nightlife is okay.
Attempted to plant roots there 14 years ago, we left in 2020. The towns become so crowded and construction so heavy. With the influx of people moving there, many amenities are not in place to handle the mass public. Examples; Doctor and Dental appointments are waitlisted months out. Many doctors are not even taking new patients. (Best go to San Marcos TX. Where there are more resources for such). NO public transportation.
There are no real bike/hike/run trails or tracks unless you only visit Landa Park.

It's a great place if you like indoor shopping. No major organic grocery stores like Trader Joes. The nightlife is lacking real class and is geared toward wine and drunk driving. Schlitterbahn gets old quick. Not much to do, community wise, if you're over 35.
I have lived here all my life and would not want to live anywhere else. I left for four years to attend college and only recently came back. I am reluctant to leave again for graduate school, but i will be back.
I attempted to establish roots here in 2012, I left as soon as I could. The town is cliquey, education is not top priority, and obvious racism and sexism. Funding for schools is not highly prioritized, rather focused on Schlitterbaun parts. Teachers are not properly trained. Limited resources. They treat your child based on who the parent knows. Family oriented, but very limited family events.
There’s plenty of things to do outdoors that occupies your time, and luckily it’s nestled between two very popular cities. Which give you indoor activity opportunities as well. I only wish that there were more activities geared towards teenagers rather than adults and smaller children.
being local is a big deal, this town is exactly what you should think of when you hear small town mentality.
I like how event though it is rapidly growing, it still manages to keep it's rich history alive and connected to everyone that lives there! Most everybody is friendly. The rivers and amusement parks are wonderful and are very fun to do during the summer. The schools have the ability to provide students with the highest learning opportunities. They also provide many forms of college credit to high schoolers for free or very little cost. Going to school here has made me better prepared for the future which I am very thankful for!
New Braunfels is a beautiful town full of wonderfully diverse people, gorgeous scenery, and lots of fun activities! I was born and raised here in this town and have chosen to raise my own family here. Although it is growing drastically, the core values and the beautiful people remain constant.
In my over 30 years here, I have attended countless local events that support our town's values and its people. Our town hosts a "German salute to sausage", or Wurstfest, each year as a nod to a German heritage. In recent years, we have celebrated Dia de los Muertos as a salute to our Hispanic heritage and culture. Both of these events bring people to together in celebration of our diversity. Being from both cultures, I appreciate the chance to celebrate this history and be a part of helping it continue. I love this town and its people immensely, and there is no where else I'd rather be!
New Braunfels is a very family-friendly town. but it also has a great nightlife for people to go out to gigs or to just get a few drinks. there are many activities for people of all ages to get out of the house and have some fun.
Great city, small town feel. Would like to see the crime rate decrease. Friendly people, wonderful ⛪️ churches.
Beautiful small town. Very family oriented. Wonderful schools and parks. Many activities for families. It's quickly growing fast with new wonderful stores and restaurants.
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Growing up as a military brat, I've lived in loads of different places, both in the U.S. and outside of the States. I moved here three years ago and I can truly say I really enjoy New Braunfels, TX. Mostly everyone I have encountered here has been incredibly kind and friendly. While New Braunfels High School is very safe with amazing teachers, the school itself is relatively run down. I wish it was more diverse, because it feels like many people here are very similar. I would say everything in New Braunfels is within a 20 minute drive and there doesn't tend to be much traffic either. There are also loads of good restaurants in town as well. While some aspects of New Braunfels could be better, it's a pretty great place to live and the town is putting a lot of money into building itself up.
I have lived here since I was born and it has always been a nice and peaceful town. I graduated high school here and the environment was so nice all the people that I have met have been super sweet and I have met my best friends in this town.
New Braunfels has been growing rapidly, leading to a changing demographic and more strain on logistics and civil services, but they have been working hard to keep up with the growth and it has benefited our town greatly. Lots of family friendly things to do and great schools.
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