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If a sterile, flaunt-your-wealth bricky community that's over-developing every square inch of itself, and is populated by the kind of penny pinching, over-demanding human Ferenghi that you'd despise dealing with as a service industry worker, New Albany is for you. I've never seen a town that erected meaningless "historical" markers that had nothing to do with history, and everything to do with how lucky you are to live in, or be allowed in, New Albany. Over-priced and soulless. Enjoy the rural byways and farms while they last.
New Albany is a very nice community with many activities to do. Everything is fairly close to anywhere you live. Many food options or fun places to go if you need to do something.
We love the country and the serenity that comes with it. The school system is the best around and our family feels safe. Our neighbors have become more like family and we've never felt so "at home" before. Everything we need is right at our fingertips and we don't have to go far to get it. We love this city we call "home" and are so thankful to be a part of it!
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I love New Albany, it is a close drive (20 mins.) to Easton, Polaris, and downtown. It's a very safe community, and it's a picturesque town with beautiful red-brick home and white picket-fence lined streets.
Location location location. New albany is the creme de la creme- family oriented while being millennium friendly. The cluster of neighbor hoods make for lovely walks especially in the autumn. The proximity to stores and eateries are enjoyable
Very Conservative town, with over price real houses. New Albany is a safe town with a very good school system. Several Major employers offices are located in New Albany. One major drawback to New Albany is, it is not a diverse city.
Very safe neighborhood. Lots of great shopping places nearby and very nice people. I have not lived here for long but so far I love it.
I love New Albany, it's a very safe place to live and I hardly ever feel in danger living here. I can walk everywhere since I live in the middle of the city and there are tons of places for students to hang after school.
I grew up in New Albany and watched it evolve from a rural village to a city full of culture, sophistication, while keeping the small town charm. You will find everyone is friendly and respectful. You can eat at delicious restaurants, visit an art center, and walk through wooded trails at Swickard Woods. Though my neighborhood has been annexed into Columbus, the quaintness of New Albany has been preserved.
It is a very upbeat, young professionals type of city. Everyone is very driven and goal oriented. It is a nice place to live while trying to get through school and become your own person. There is always something to do or somewhere to go.
When you drive through New Albany you will quickly notice how different it looks from other cities. All of the buildings and houses are made of brick. It didn't take me long to realize that I was in the wealthy part of town. There are plenty of things to do like shop, exercise, and eat. There are great restaurants here and one of my favorites is Mellow Mushroom. I would recommend visiting New Albany because it is an experience you won't want to miss out on!
New Albany is a beautiful community. They areas around the country club are stunning. Great for taking a walk or a drive around town. Very peaceful, although traffic is picking up as of late. Primarily because of all the apartments on the outskirts of town. New restaurants are coming in and the country club is top notch. People are friendly and it's really easy to meet folks. Moving here, you can jump right into. Main gripe would be taxes. Absolutely out of control. Have fought and won an increase on one occasion. $600k house have have $20k taxes. That's worse than CT.
The school system is wonderful. The teachers do an amazing job and really care about their students. The community is growing with a lot of new development, but the roots of the area have been maintained. There is a wonderful historical presence in the area with the Ealy House and the New Albany Historical Society.
I have loved living in New Albany, Ohio. It provides a small town feel but with all the benefits living in a big city. There are great shops within walking distance of the most of the living communities. The school district provides a great learning atmosphere with educational opportunities for everyone. Safety is a priority within New Albany to ensure that everyone can be out in the community and enjoy the walking paths around town. New Albany is close to the freeways for ease of commute to anywhere around town. I have been proud to call New Albany my home for the past 18 years.
I like the community feel. There are lots of new buildings that are coming to life and lots of new residences being built as well. There is not much that I would change in New Albany. I might just change the interworkings of the school system, but it would be hard to actually do so.
It's a decent town, an the people who aren't in the country club are very enjoyable to be around. They are however, overdeveloping so be cautious.
I love the New Albany community. It is safe, clean, and family friendly. The schools are excellent and the traffic is usually minimal. Some traffic lights could be converted to roundabouts to further minimize rush hour issues, but beyond that there is not much more that I would improve about New Albany. There are lots of trees and grassy areas, and plenty of hiking in close proximity.
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I am twenty-two and have lived in New Albany my whole life. I love it! I have gone off to stay for a few months other places, but nothing ever has felt as safe, homey, and friendly as New Albany. There is a strong sense of community and a huge emphasis on great academics. It is a small Midwest community outside the city limits of Columbus providing a great network of jobs, things to do, and people to interact with from all stretches since Columbus is a hub of a lot over international individuals.
New Albany is the perfect, midwest suburb. With the winding white fence, ivy grown brick walls, and friendly neighbors, it's the perfect place to live.
New albany is a friendly, safe, and energetic community. The infrastructure is well maintained and the parks are pristine. Everything is within walking distance which is a huge plus for people young and old who are looking to get a little exercise here and there. The schools are great, though taxes are high. It is a very affluent community and isn't as diverse as Gahanna or Westerville.
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