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I went to school at Northwestern State University. I had to travel there from my hometown of Rayville to deliver an assignment to my professor in order to graduate. The city is absolutely beautiful and I would like to go back just to sight see.
I love this place! My family is from here so it’s home for me! It’s family friendly and especially at christmas time the lights are amazing and one of the best things about Natchitoches! Everybody should experience the lights!
I like how the community comes together and celebrates things such as the Christmas season when we all come together at the Christmas festival. Though, I do not appreciate that there aren't many opportunities here career-wise unless you're going into the medical field.
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It's a small town. There isn't much to do but the roads are terrible, but downtown Front Street is very cozy and enjoyable to go down.
Right now I am having a great experience in Northwestern State University and love the campus and enjoy my campus and comfortable with my classes and activities on and off campus with stores that are close to the university from 10 to 15 miles away from the campus including family owned businesses that lets the local students apply for a positions.
Natchitoches is a small, southern town with the most unique environment I have ever experienced. The university creates a diverse culture, with students throughout the world and country. Although the town is small, there are many opportunities for college students to relax; paddle boarding/kayaking, a great nightlife, biking trails, and a fantastic music scene.
A charming-looking town that hides immense wealth disparity and poor quality of living, education, and transportation.
Natchitoches has so many historic points. Job wise it is harder for students because the town is so small there's hardly any work. Overall, Natchitoches is an amazing town.
A beautiful historic town with a lot of fun activities. I will soon be attending Northwestern State University and look forward to spending more time in Natchitoches.
I absolutely love Natchitoches. Everyone in this town is very friendly and helpful. If you’re looking for a “home” away from home Natchitoches is the place to visit! The town is full of history and if you love to shop the front street is the place to see. My favorite thing about Natchitoches is their festival of Christmas lights. The town is decorated with hundreds of thousands of lights along the river and is visit by people all around the world.
Natchitoches is a wonderful town for older people. You can enjoy the rich history, artifacts, preserved buildings, and many festivals. It is a great place for older people to enjoy, however apart from the university it is a very uninteresting place for the younger generation.
I'm from Natchitoches and just to say little it's you bring your own fun. I would like to see change in Natchitoches is the roads.
Even though I've only lived here for 17 years Natchitoches and been really fun so far. I enjoy going to school and I've made a lot of friend and plan to attend college here. The only thing I would say that i would change about Natchitoches is that there isn't a lot to do here. Since I am a teenager I would appreciate is there were more things for me to do.
I love Natchitoches beautiful city with lots to do. Friendly people. Lived there before and am in the process of moving back to retire there.
I liked the fact that it's a small town and full of color. the food is great. the people are very welcoming and helpful. Every store is different from the next and the parks are lovely.
I love this town. Though there is hardly anything to do here, I enjoy being able to go anywhere and know someone. It makes me feel safe.
I love Natchitoches! It is a quaint Main Street town with plenty of things to do such as sightseeing, touring historical sites, shopping and dining with friends and family.
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Natchitoches is a beautiful and cultural town known for their Christmas festival. Natchitoches is home to the Northwestern State University Demons, whose sports though only so so, brings joy to many families during the year.
The only thing I like about Natchitoches is the scenery. Natchitoches doesn't have many opportunities for black college students that come from a poor background. It's more for retirement. Once you settle in Natchitoches, you start to feel stuck in a box with nothing to do, no where to go, and people judging you cause you don't have money. They worry about spending millions on renovating the riverbank and places of attraction while the roads in the "hood" tear you car up. There is no way to go up financially in this city unless you know someone that knows someone.
Natchitoches can be a better place, yet it's like most places in the South (racially divided)! Thus, a lot of people come from elsewhere and really like the place, yet they are here for temporary and are likely Caucasian. It could be a great little town with progressive attitudes implemented and a concerted effort to promote inclusion. Just do it rather than say it!
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