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It's just a really fun city. There's always stuff going on on Broadway, and if you like live music, there's always concerts going on. It can get kind of crazy downtown, but there's definitely a crowd for that.
I love living in Nashville! It is a great cultural hub that gives you a "city vibe" without being too congested or busy
Nashville is a budding metropolitan, and because of that is still working out some of the kinks. The new influx of residents has unfortunately driven up the cost of living. Furthermore, all of the people moving to Nashville combined with tourism has made commute times a nightmare, but that is to be expected. On the bright side, Nashville has seen a diversification of culture due to the waves of new people coming in. Because of this, new and interesting restaurants have opened up, which allows for a wide variety of options.
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I’m currently a student here from Southern California, so it is much different from home. Not a big fan of country music and don’t find the city to be too particularly diverse.
Nashville is great. We have all the country music, food, and trees you could ask for. I never want to move away from Nashville.
My experience in Nashville has been awesome! The city is beautiful, clean, and filled with lots of activities to partake in. I would definitely recommend Nashville as a vacation spot or to relocate all together.
Nashville has always been a great place; for new opportunities and music. Ever since I was a child, Nashville has given me a chance to explore new things and take risks. The nightlife is incredible and great for the perfect picture. I know when people hear about the south the think we lack diversity or individuality, but everywhere you go you see different people and a widespread of cultures.
There is a lot to do around the city, from restaurants to music and entertainment. There are many tourists around the downtown area, but it also a welcome place for locals. The only downside of living in Nashville is the traffic, which can be very congested at times. However, the Nashville experience is definitely unique and worth it.
Nashville is a very nice place to live with a family but there's not much to do here at night. I wish there was more spots to visit with my family that weren't so far away from my actual house. It's mostly safe with a few drivers driving like we're in a racing movie here and there.
I have lived in this wonderful city of Nashville my whole life! I love it and wouldn’t change anything about Nashville!
I love Nashville; I've been here 17 years. Though the traffic is horrible and parking may be expensive, I wouldn't trade my education downtown for the world. The experiences and opportunities I have gained by going to school downtown only make me want to make more of them. I would recommend coming just to party and visit, but living here is such a hassle. Plus the homes are too expensive!
I've lived there for almost 20 years, and it has changed a lot but is still quirky and fun. The tourist-centered nightlife is a little over-the-top and can be boring, but if you go to other neighborhoods, it can be really fun. There is also a lot of different types of food because there are pretty big communities of people from South Asia, Kurdistan, and Central America. The music scene is great as well if you can tap into it.
Too crowded. Growing number of homeless and prices of housing being driven up by gentrification.Would not recommend living here
Nashville,has God fearing people,i live in Africa,but am soon immigrating to this State because of the Hospitality my friend who lives in state has shown me,She is Loving and caring all the time.My first gift was given to me from Nashville which the Word of God,i it was sent all the way from Nashville to find here in Uganda,which was miracle.
Nashville is a wonderful ciry full of good music and really good food. There are plenty of opportunities to gain community through churches as well as other local programs.
The traffic/roads/drivers are pretty rough and can be dangerous. So being aware when driving in Nashville is very important.
Love the people here. The major problem is medical care. All doctors are booked for months, some do not even take insurance, many are not taking new patients. If you have medical needs this is NOT the place to live. I moved here with my fiancé and now may have to go back due to I cannot get medical care. I had heard that this was a great medical community due to Vanderbilt but it does you no good if you cannot get an appointment. The city has grown to fast and does not have the ability to keep up. I really did like it here but due to medical needs will not be able to stay. This maybe why there are so many homeless people here. They seem to be everywhere. Traffic is horrible due to mainly only 2 lane country roads to get around on. Also was told that the drug problem here is very high due to 8 states border TN. Hopes this helps anyone else that maybe thinking about moving here. If you have medical needs this is not the place to move.
Nashville is obviously known for its lovely country music. The weekends are superb and its almost as if Music City never sleeps! There is always something to do and it and great restaurants nearby. The traffic into downtown is terrible and I hope that they can implement some sort of metro system because with Nashville's booming population the area is only to get worse.
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I currently visit Nashville quite often since I live only 40 minutes away. There is always something to do. Never a dull moment. It is a growing community that is awake all night and all day. Lots of activities for the young and old. Wonderful place to visit
Nashville is an amazing place which is surrounded by lively music and its famous Nashville Hot chicken.
Nashville is a beautiful city with a good grass to steel ratio. There are beautiful parks for some well needed relaxation and fresh air but some great places to go laser tagging or having a drink with some friends. It's just enough of that "city" feel without feeling overwhelmed by people, ads, noise, and fog. What I love most is that it's still a place for young singer-songwriters to get their music out there in the hopes of being discovered keeping Nashville a beautiful, artistic city.

The biggest negative I have about Nashville is that it's trying to act like it's New York or San Francisco. Parking is at $45 per hour, prices have sky rocketed, and that Nashville charm has been replaced by a money hungry vibe as it tries to keep pace with new trends and media.

All in all, I will always call Nashville my home and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I just hope that it stays as beautiful as it was 10 years ago and not morph into another bleak steel jungle.
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