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Narberth is a beautiful neighborhood with great amenities. Gorgeous architecture, beautiful nature, all at your fingertips. Its quick to the city and quick to the country.
Honestly it is the perfect location. It is close to the city of Philadelphia, but not too close. If someone is searching for a great and friendly community, this is it!
Narberth is a hidden treasure of the mainline. There’s a great sense of community and there’s something for everyone.
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I love that Narberth is a very close knit community with a bunch of festivities during the holiday season and throughout the year. Everyone gathers to the borough of Narberth for a snowy dickens festival and a cool trick or treating! The only thing that I do not enjoy about living in Narberth is the 'pickiness' that some of the residents have. They will complain if your property is not beautiful or up to par which makes it very stressful and obnoxious.
Nice borough in Lower Merion Township near Philadelphia. It has nice shops, restaurants, and a train station. Also its near Suburban Square, King of Prussia Mall, and Valley Forge Park. LMSD is excellent and it has great walkability.
Narberth is a very friendly community - consisting of many small shops, a small community, and welcoming neighbors. It is very kid friendly considering how safe it is and a lot of opportunities for children to be involved in activities.
It's a 1horse 3 bar town with a whole lot of local government burracracy. Generally people who move into this down have an utter disdain for the locals who grew up in Narberth. The police may be the best in the country.they are very helpful.
Cute town with nice parks and recreational activities. Love the Fourth of July celebrations. My only complaint is that it's time to do alternate side of the street parking or switch to more one way streets. It's getting tougher to drive into or through Narberth.
I have never felt unsafe. There are many local police stations, and although I semi-frequently see cars patrolling, I rarely see them stopping unsafe drivers. I have not experienced any crime myself or heard of anyone I know experiencing crime. I would say the most dangerous thing about the area is the careless drivers.
It is 20-25min from Philadelphia and close to Valley Forge National Park as well as many other attractions. Housing, both buying and renting, is very expensive, as it is one of the wealthiest areas of the country. People tend to be rude and drivers are not very good. It is a good place for people who want to raise children in a safe area with great schools but be in a highly dense suburban area just outside of the city where there are many jobs. However, young people tend to want to be in the city itself.
We could use a few more street lights but it is safe.
Would choose to live here again, great area.
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