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Horrible city, avoid it like the plague. Everyone who lives here is extremely entitled, privileged, annoying, stupid, immature, etc. It's filled with karens, hypebeasts, spoiled people, and every type of douchebag that you can imagine. Every one treats it as this amazing place where everyone should live and nobody knows about anything outside of Naperville, or Illinois for that matter. They all think that they will get everything handed to them and don't know what hard work actually is. If you want your kids to grow up here, they won't know anything about how the real world works if they live here, unless you teach them about it. Everyone has a super big ego and if you don't live thier lifestyle, you ain't welcome here. Nothing ever happens, there is nothing to do here and cops are defiantly on quotas. Most of the kids and teens seem to try the hardest to try to be "cool" and "famous" online as well. Avoid living here at all costs, your bank account will thank you as well.
Not safe, White Supremacist city. Naperville is terrible at keeping peace between races. Don’t live here.
Former 50+ years resident. If Naperville were in any other state maybe a top 25, but being in IL immediately eliminates it from anything above that. Recently the school systems were caught with both principal and students plaguerizing...clique groups,bullying and drugs. Naperville is part of the 'heiron highway ', it's the mecca for Mc mansions(lot sizes continue to be restricted-builders beat this by building 'up' so you end up with ugly homes...many million dollar homes vacant ). Diversity...well it's just welcomed it's second major Indian mall...neighborhoods segregated by culture but race is not an issue. Downtown was once quaint and is now a place to buy $100 sweat suits. Police are touchy and definitely on quotas...Rib fest coutinues to be a major disapointment. Restaurants are overpriced and snobby. Keeping up with the Jones when in reality the Joneses life is a fabricated lie...that's Naperville..Plenty of psychological doctors and addiction clinics...they need them
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Naperville is the worst place to raise your children if you aren't a complete psycho. Your little first grader has to be on the soccer team in the fall, hockey in the winter, baseball in the spring, tennis lessons, water polo, swim team in the summer, or they are completely ostracized by your neighborhood. Every aspect of your life is now a competition, and even if you get a full ride to the top Ivy League in the nation, cure cancer, end racism, and make a viable way to manufacture bugs as food, Stacy next door's kid got an internship at his dad's company and is "so successful". Be ready to throw away a large portion of your money to taxes. Good news is the schools are amazing. Your kids will have an amazing education and probably get into great colleges if they try. Parents organize every play-date, who is allowed on the soccer team, which kid gets to come to whose birthday party. Micromanagement is rampant.This town is like Gossip Girls on steroids.
Our taxes are too high and we have a corrupt state. No company wants to move here and create jobs.
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