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I moved here in 3rd grade, and I remember dreading it. My dad grew up in Naperville, so of course we just had to move back. When I started at my new school, I remember loving it. I thoroughly enjoyed my school experience, and besides church, that was all I did until middle school. In middle school I started getting more involved in activities at school, but I still did very little outside of that. Now, in high school, I realize what a blessing it is to have such a nice downtown area. We have places to walk, to eat, to shop, to swim, to try new hobbies, and to just be outside. On any day, given that it isn't below freezing, you will find downtown bustling with people out for dinner or drinks, or hanging out with friends. The only thing I wish our downtown had was a movie theatre, but there are plenty of movie theatres in nearby areas or towns. Overall, Naperville is a pretty safe, and extremely family friendly town, and I'm so glad I got to grow up here.
I moved to Naperville October, 2011. I Love Everything about Naperville- Just Everything!!
Very Open, Accepting & Efficient in every way. My Life has changed here in Naperville. The town grew on me instantly. Keep up the great work City of Naperville!
This is laughable to be rated #2!!
Naperville is filled with self entitled teens and 20 somethings.
Their dirty little secret is that most of them have a huge heroin problem
and run into chitown looking to score and waste their self absorbed parents money.
Overpriced houses, boring, good shopping and safe....even though these
kids with a silver spoon try to act ghetto, it's funny to watch.
They are the Vanilla Ice's of their time.
Nothing happens here and the people are as phony as the plastic fruit your grandma had in a bowl.
Oh the river walk is nice if you want to people watch.
I lived here for 3yrs btw
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