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Naperville is an excellent place to raise a family and live.
1. All the civic services are top notch from the park district to the libraries to the police/fire stations. The libraries have a great selection and the staff is super friendly. The fire/police are here to help all the members of the community and make themselves accessible to the public.
2. The schools are excellent - the administration and teachers are committed to seeing the students succeed. Some of the best schools in the state and best public schools in the USA.
3. Diversity and acceptance. Example - each year there is a huge India day festival
4. Naper Settlement is free for all residents - great educational opportunity - very own musuem
5. Children’s musuem is top notch
6. Great downtown and river walk
7. Beach near downtown
8. Can see the Sears tower and John Hancock building from Naperville - yes there is a place sports park
Naperville has a lot for everyone, the quaint downtown area is the main attraction with a little bit of everything. There is high end clothing and furniture stores and a place for lunch and dessert literally on every corner. Centennial Beach is the summer hot spot and the beautiful lights make the snowy winters even more magical. With the river walk, murals, fountains and more Naperville is a fun place to visit and raise a family with the great schools as well. Go Redhawks!
I love its proximity to the city and the train and highways. The downtown area has a wonderful river walk, pool with beach, shopping, restaurants and more. People are super friendly and we'd love to send our kids to the schools here. There is the DuPage nature preserve and trails and many parks nearby. Medical facilities, hospital, libraries, and public works are all super nice and proximity to stores, grocers, and highways makes it super convenient. I love our new neighbors and community. Diverse population means all types of food, restaurants, and niche stores.
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