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Good food and shopping in the downtown area, lots of local businesses. There is a college and multiple high schools so its a very student friendly area, theres a lot of fun things to do as well as a lot of really pretty places like the Riverwalk and the Morton Arboretum. The Arboretum isn't really in Naperville but its easy to get to.
I’ve lived in south suburbs, north suburbs, city, and southwest suburbs. Naperville was the choice for me to finally settle down. I understand people get priced out, or maybe haven’t had a great experience living or growing up here. I honestly have lived in exclusive and poor areas in my life and Naperville really does provide you with a great environment to live that you just can’t find. The city is not filled with heroin addicts and racists like some troublemakers try to claim. And it does attract highly educated and successful people. If that annoys you than be happy and don’t live here. I’ve been here for 30 years and wouldn’t change it in a minute.
A pretty safe place to live. It also has a lot of dining and night life options in the area. Big city, so there are many places to choose from.
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