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The only thing I would change is the number of people who live here. Traffic can be tough especially at certain times of the day. We have found naperville to be a great place to live overall. The schools prepared our children to flourish at top colleges. There were all kinds of sports and extra curricular activities as well. We can do many of the same things here as in the city, cultural events at North Central College include professional drama & music for a fraction of the cost of going into the city, but if you want to go into the city, the train is walking distance as well. A variety of dining choices from sandwiches shops to gourmet restaurants. We walk everywhere and feel safe doing so. It is fun to go downtown on a Saturday and watch the changing dynamics, from families with children in the afternoon, to the more adult crowd at dinner and finally the younger adults late to eat and take advantage of the numerous watering holes.
This is the perfect little boring town to raise your kids in and get them a good education so that they will be well prepared for college and have plenty of activities to get involved in during highschool.
Former 50+ years resident. If Naperville were in any other state maybe a top 25, but being in IL immediately eliminates it from anything above that. Recently the school systems were caught with both principal and students plaguerizing...clique groups,bullying and drugs. Naperville is part of the 'heiron highway ', it's the mecca for Mc mansions(lot sizes continue to be restricted-builders beat this by building 'up' so you end up with ugly homes...many million dollar homes vacant ). Diversity...well it's just welcomed it's second major Indian mall...neighborhoods segregated by culture but race is not an issue. Downtown was once quaint and is now a place to buy $100 sweat suits. Police are touchy and definitely on quotas...Rib fest coutinues to be a major disapointment. Restaurants are overpriced and snobby. Keeping up with the Jones when in reality the Joneses life is a fabricated lie...that's Naperville..Plenty of psychological doctors and addiction clinics...they need them
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