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My Old Hometown Homies by the All Clear 2013, author born and raised in Naperville - 1959 to 1980.

My old hometown homies are like frogs in a pot.

The water's nice when you first hop in.
Streets are clean, your car you in-spin.
The shopping's fabulous, Aurora's chagrin.
Our athletes unbeatable, more games to win.

More land, more land, let construction begin
Widen highways, concrete barriers, who remembers when?
More people, more strangers, neighbours under my skin.
Roots they wither, lose hold 'neath traffic's din.

Like frogs on the boil, too late and it's hot.
First of all, it's like living in a mall. The adult women always need to tell you what sub-division they live in (so you know how much money they have). Pretty much 90% of the women bleach their hair, so it's like living in Orange County, except it sucks because it's the Midwest. It's full of mediocre business people and attorneys who think they are God's gift. The real rich people live in Hinsdale, La Grange, Western Springs, etc. NOT NAPERVILLE so get over yourselves already. This is a nightmare of entitlement mixed with a lack of knowledge about anything going on outside of Naperville. If you like to live in a mall, bleach your hair, and pretend you are rich when you are really just a mediocre MBA, move here. Otherwise, go somewhere with actual culture.
No diversity, many snobbish people and "helicopter moms". Very nice area. beautiful location and good schools
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Outrageous housing costs, outrageous taxes, very little diversity, nothing to do if you're not old enough to drink, overrated downtown, not a walkable city. School system has islands of excellence overshadowed by drug laced gummi bears and other big-city style problems. Close to major airports, plagued by traffic jams.
This area being bad is solely opinion. It is great but is filled with many stuck up wealthy people who are ignorant and make it unsettling to live here.
Potholes, construction and bad weather make this place less than ideal.
The weather is probably the worst part about Naperville. It's either really hot or really cold here. There is only about 5-10 weeks of the year that are actually very comfortable. Snow storms in the winter and thunderstorms/tornadoes/flooding in the summer are concerns much like any midwestern city.
Most places are minimum wage, excluding the hospital and/or the corporation area.
Illinois has been one of the most backwards and corrupt states for some time. There needs to be a change.
It's either too hot or too cold here.
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