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Naperville is a beautiful suburb of Chicago. It's a wonderful community with great neighborhoods and schools.
Living in Naperville for the most part has been great, as a student i would say that Naperville schools set students up with multiple amazing opportunities. Naperville is a close community and people are very friendly here. There are drug problems here but for the most part the police department is on top of drug awareness and getting them off the streets. Naperville is a very safe place to live, it always has been because neighbors look out for each other. There are many things to do here, especially in the fast growing downtown Naperville, there are bars and ice cream shops along with many stores and salon's. Another thing to point out is the multitude of activities always happening for example the farmers market ,The many activities at the Dupage Childrens Museum, and guest speakers at the library's and book stores. Overall my Experience in Naperville has been Fantastic and it has produced a wonderful childhood.
I haven't lived in Naperville my whole childhood, but this is the place that feels like home. As a child of divorce, I moved here not sure of myself and what I wanted to become. My education has been stellar--I've had so many opportunities both academically and extra-curricularly.
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