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It is a fairly affluent area; however, that does play into the arrogance of the town. Oftentimes, issues that arise in this town are played down in order to protect their reputation. Despite this, I do feel safe in my town and I do like living here.
Best place to raise a family! Great downtown with many great restaurants . Most schools rated the highest in the state! Many activities for adults and children! Safe neighborhoods, friendly neighborhoods! Low crime rate, great park districts with many activities and plenty of volunteer activities.
I cannot be more thankful that I was born and raised in Naperville. If you intend to raise a child that will have an unrivaled education, a safe environment, close and diverse community, and an access to an abundance of activities, Naperville is the perfect place.
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Good food and shopping in the downtown area, lots of local businesses. There is a college and multiple high schools so its a very student friendly area, theres a lot of fun things to do as well as a lot of really pretty places like the Riverwalk and the Morton Arboretum. The Arboretum isn't really in Naperville but its easy to get to.
I’ve lived in south suburbs, north suburbs, city, and southwest suburbs. Naperville was the choice for me to finally settle down. I understand people get priced out, or maybe haven’t had a great experience living or growing up here. I honestly have lived in exclusive and poor areas in my life and Naperville really does provide you with a great environment to live that you just can’t find. The city is not filled with heroin addicts and racists like some troublemakers try to claim. And it does attract highly educated and successful people. If that annoys you than be happy and don’t live here. I’ve been here for 30 years and wouldn’t change it in a minute.
A pretty safe place to live. It also has a lot of dining and night life options in the area. Big city, so there are many places to choose from.
Naperville has a lot to offer in terms of opportunities in general. There are tons of places to work ranging from small businesses to large corporations. The schools provide the youth with some of the best education in the state. There are plenty of options in terms of housing, ranging in price, and basically everyone has a safe neighborhood in which to live. I have grown up here, and there is no doubt in my mind that Naperville is the quintessential family friendly town.
Naperville has great schools. Downtown Naperville is great. Naperville is a great place to raise a family, it is a safe and diverse area.
I can only remember growing up in Naperville, and it has been one of the best cities to grow up in. The schools are amazing, there is much to do, and the city is less than an hour away.
I've lived here all my life. Most beautiful downtown area. Naperville North is the best school. I always go on vacations and come back missing the charm of our town, super big without the feel.
It is a safe town with great schools, and it has been repeatedly voted as one of the top cities in the U.S. to start a family. Most facilities are new, clean, and functional. Unfortunately, there is not much diversity compared to other cities, but in recent years it is on the rise.
I really do love Naperville just because it has presented me with endless opportunities. I go to a school that has endless courses you can take that are specific to what you wish to major in. There are chances to volunteer left and right. It is clear that the people here want you to succeed in life and they are willing to be there to help you get there. I have never felt so welcomed into a community as I do in Naperville. It makes me feel safe. I know that if I ever need help all I need to do is ask. I am so blessed to live in such an amazing place.
Very safe, a lot of things to do, very good schools. Lots of diverse places to eat and hang out good for children and families of all ages.
Naperville is a vibrant place with exciting opportunities and activities. The people are friendly and inclusive. You can find a variety of places to eat and things to do all year round. It is a big city and the traffic can be heavy.
Naperville is a very safe and opportunistic city. One thing I have learned since leaving and returning to the city is that people can be very materialistic. There seems to be an importance on financial status and appearance in Naperville. I would like to see more people communicating socially regardless of race, status, gender, and education.
Very close to all attractions, lots of things going on in nearby towns. Easy access to freeways and metra. Perfect balance between suburban life with areas for outdoor activities and adventure. I wish It wasn't so expensive real-estate or renting.
Naperville is a very nice place to live. It offers people great schools, restaurants, diversity, shopping, and all different types of homes.
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Taxes for houses are huge
Very safe
Schools are amazing
Many sweet people
It is a pricier area
Tons of traffic(it takes forever to go places since so many people are moving here.)
They are literally building houses everywhere, and that's kind of annoying.

So much to do if you live near white eagle and tall grass, naperville crossings and there is a police station right there!
Naperville has a wide variety of activities, stores, and events available to its residents. From Centennial Beach to the Downtown Area, to neighboring areas such as Cantigny Park or the Morton Arboretum. The schools are highly-ranked, and the high schools in particular adequately prepare students for the challenges in college and beyond. The higher wealth bracket some residents fall into is a slight turn-off.
Town has it all despite its bad rep from neighboring towns and outside people. Yes every town has a bad side/area. But in my opinion 95% of the town is filled with good folks. Yes expensive to live in but it’s only due to the benefits you and your kids get from living here including what the town has to offer. Lots of dinning & entertainment hip and upbeat place to live in. Take it from me I grew up poor/low income/uneducated with zero chance of success in life. But here I am proof that the American dream is still alive and well yet I’ve chosen this town because of all the great things it has to offer.
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