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Naches is a great little town! Walking the greenway to Yakima, little bakeries, a few tap houses, restaurants, po-dunk bars. It is small town living but a wonderful place to grow up
Nice, small town vibe. Difficult to find local jobs or shopping, but a larger town is very close by for all those other needs.
It is a small town. I really enjoy the closeness of everyone in the town, and having a small town means a small school, which means the students get a lot of attention so they can meet their academic goals.
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Very tight knit community where everybody knows everybody. Full of friendly faces always willing to help, and a very safe place to live. Zero homelessness and crime is a complete non-factor. Very good place to live if you are raising a child or starting a family.
I lived in Naches for 8 years, my parents still live there and I visit a couple times a year for the past 13 years. In those 21 years the town has always felt safe with friendly people. Downtown Naches is hidden, you would only know it is there if you turned at the 1 street light in town....otherwise you would think that Naches only consisted of a couple fruit stands, gas stations and a mini market. In downtown Naches you will find a deli, a small library, a post office, barber shop, bar, and even a very nice hotel! The park is well kept with a public pool.
There are lots of fruit orchards all around and a wood mill. There is even a Sportsman's Day where a mini fair comes to town and a parade.
The homes are kept up well and I even noticed a nice small apartment complex was put in a couple years ago.
Naches is within an hour or so of two ski resorts, White Pass and Chinook pass. Clear lake is about a half hour away and absolutely gorgeous and great for camping and hiking.
It's got quite a few of political problems, but it is my home.
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