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I love living here in this area. Its the best here. I'd say its better than Los Angeles. ........................................................
Long Beach is a city where there are many people with artistic talents. I like how there are Art Walks and that there's a beach just at the other end of the bluff. There are many independent businesses that have amazing and unique products to buy. I have a friend who lives in Long Beach. If I had the chance to go back, I would do it only to paint and draw with my only friend from high school.
Not the safest area, but not dangerous. Street parking is a nightmare. The rental market is fiercely competitive.
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It's a hard area to live in with all the violence around and also not healthy for the children in the area, we need more justice and need more people to speak up and also not to be afraid to speak up for the right of good.
The people in the area mind there business and are relatively nice.
I enjoy the CSULB campus and the community overall
People are still having a hard time surviving.
Everyone is really nice and helpful !
There is great weather here. I like and enjoy the weather. all year round the weather is nice and people can have outdoor activities.
I hope find a good job here in my field study, but I do not mind if I go elsewhere for work.
I like the eating dinner out just at weekends. there are different restaurants I can choose. They are open until 10 pm and they offer good and safe nightlife. I really like to try different international dishes.
I usually buy my daily needs from Trader Joe's or Final & Smart stores. I can find every thing I need in these two stores. But some times it's the matter of price that makes me to buy from the others stores out of my neighborhood.
The traffic is fine, but it could have been better. There are some parts where traffic would be slightly annoying and people cannot make turns, but other than that it is fine. It is rare to see accidents or people driving recklessly whether it is because they are drunk or in too much of a rush.
There are a lot of businesses and shops around the area. I am sure people can find jobs if they asked around and did their research. There are a lot of new businesses constantly opening as well so my area has a better chance when it comes to job opportunities compared to some parts of Long Beach.
I live in a safe part of Long Beach, California so I do not really hear of any crimes happening around my area. It is a very nice place, the neighbors are all polite and respectful. I see a lot of people walking animals and with each other freely without any troubles. Police are always visible and are always responsive.
it's is really easy to get where I need to go because it's really near my area. it's even walking distance.
It's really hard to find a job in this area. I think that a lot people had lose there jobs and can't find in the same field because of the bad economy so they have to lower their standards just to do anything to support their family and go into entry level positions like retail and warehousing.
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Lots of options for retail or services. Plus, there is competition for customers which keeps prices reasonable.
We see the police a lot and I have never witnessed a crime
There are jobs but they may not be willing to pay you what you think you deserve.