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the safety is great. the cops are always around and patrolling the area.
This area is great and filled with opportunity. It is evolving daily and I will continue to live here.
My safety has always been an area of concern, especially because of who I am-- a woman. I do not feel entirely safe walking alone at night, especially off campus. There is a high crime rate on and directly off campus, including thefts and assaults. However, what does make me feel safe is knowing I have the option to phone a walking escort if I do need to head back to my apartment late at night, for whatever reason.
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Living here is great because I'm so close to all of my classes. However, I've been noticing the gentrification and that bothers me. Temple students are not only gentrifying the area, but they're not keeping it clean. Trash litters every corner of every block. At the same time, Temple is bringing jobs to the community, and that's really important for both residents of Philadelphia and us Temple students to be self-sustainable.
North Philadelphia has a negative stigma, but on Temple's campus it is generally very safe.
North Philadelphia has a lot of row-houses and low-income housing projects.
It's VERY windy, and can make the winters very bitter.
There are few options for off-campus dining in the area, and there are few bars nearby.
Employment in the immediate area is difficult, but there are a decent amount of jobs available in Center City Philadelphia.
Within my immediate area, there are few options, but a short subway ride into Center City Philadelphia can connect me with almost any business I could need.
Living in an apartment building, there isn't much sense of community. We all rent, we all just live there because it's cheap and we rarely see each other usually.
In North Philadelphia there are very few facilities to work out, indoor or outdoor, and people are not physically active. There is a YMCA and there are the college's facilities but those are only available to students. There aren't even really any parks or areas to bike or jog.
It ranges from year to year; we will have very freezing winters with snow even in April, but sometimes it will be 80 degree days in March or October.
As mentioned previously, North Philadelphia does not provide much nightlife, bar, or even fine dining opportunities because those businesses wouldn't thrive here. I live a few blocks from a college campus where there are some restaurants and bars aimed towards students but locals would not likely ever go there. Additionally, Center City is a few subway stops away and is nationally recognized for their restaurants.
In North Philadelphia, there are very few places of employment. However, it is a short distance away from Center City and other booming industries that have a lot of jobs. While I have means for transportation, not everyone else does.
Living in North Philadelphia, businesses are not thriving; because it is predominantly a low-income area and it is not a tourist location like other neighborhoods of the city, we don't have very many food or retail options here. Prices are targeted toward low-income families and so the quality of products is not great.
Where it's good, it's great. Where it's poor, it's horrible
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Could be a lot better
North Philly has a high crime rate but Temple University is protected very well
Great area for all four seasons