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I haven't had a problem to where I need to call police, but we have a police station in the area and it feels like in every neighborhood, there is at least one police officer who lives there. It makes me and my family feel very safe.
This area is so great! Businesses, shopping centers, and new neighborhoods are being built. Super diverse and friendly. Young families with babies to elderly couples from different cultures in this area. I love it.
The community now has a lot of houses for rent and for sell, but they usually get filled quickly because we live in a safe environment.
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My community is average you have your usual neighbors who walk their dogs, watch their children play outside, and are friendly to others. A lot of people that I know that lived in my community stayed in their homes for a long time until they either had financial difficulties or better job opportunities else where.
The crime in my area is at a low rate. There is not any crime that occurs that I would be concerned about. Since we have a low crime volume the police are here but not really necessary.
The area I live in is great! The area is really up and coming with new residential areas and has a lot of different shopping options to appease to all types of peoples.
There has recently been break ins going down the street, house by house, yet they were not caught. The police live in the neighborhod, which is a deterrant for the most part, but we do have some problems.
The neighbors are generally niec. The schools are underfunded and there is a big problem with drugs. However, the restaurants and shopping plazas are very nice.
I love the area that I live in. It's within the city limits so there is public transportation, but it feels more like the suburbs. There is shopping, jobs, entertainment and the schools are pretty good.
The area is nice and the people are friendly.
I am glad that I live in a city that has weather that is not too extreme in the winter.
Most houses in Charlotte are part of a subdivision, which makes it a priority to have all the houses look well-kept.
I love the fact that I can always find the right store that I am looking for where ever I go.
I love seeing my city have so much diversity because I get to find out many new things about people's cultures.
Because Charlotte is a growing city, there may be construction here and there. However, overall it's pretty good.
I currently have a job that I enjoy. I am so thankful that I was able to find it.
The city is constantly seeking ways of improving the community.
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Charlotte is located in a place where nature is always nearby.
I would say I feel a lot safer in Charlotte than other cities that I have visited in my life.
I love all the places that Charlotte has to offer. There's a little bit of everything.