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The more people that mose here the worst it gets.
The homeowners are great but the renters could use some improvement.
There are literally restaurants everywhere! Less than fifteen minutes away you could go to a simple small diner to an elegant Olive Garden. My favorite place to go with my friends is to Buffalo Wild Wings followed by an awesome movie. With the great specials and prices, we can get over 100 wings for more or less 10 dollars depending on how big of a group we have. When it comes to bars or clubs, I don't really go out for those kinds of things, which is why I haven't really rated it. I have no concept of where I would even find any.
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There are a lot of job opportunities available. The only thing about it is that the wage is rarely about the minimum listed. It is very opportunistic for those in dire need of employment and there is guarantee that it could be found.
There are many mom-and-pop shops where I live. It's very hard not to find a shop just going up and down the main road that leads to my neighborhood. There are also a lot of convenient stores and what you need is never too far away. The bigger stores are also very clean and fairly priced. The people there are also very wholesome that add to a great experience when shopping anywhere.